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Let’s say someone was telling you about a charity that does a lot of good work – for instance they distribute food after famines” although,” this person adds “they advocate killing older people so there are fewer mouths to feed.”, what would be your reaction?

Perhaps your initial good impressions would quickly vanish…

Of course, charities probably try to appeal to everyone…but I don’t mind asking or researching (in fact I think it’s important) the stuff they might not advertise. I know I don’t want to help fund abortion (some of those US execs don’t really need the money, either).

Around the streets of Wellington, I notice UNICEF are often around. Now, it may be that UNICEF do a lot of good, but doing a lot of good and supporting abortion kinda puts me off them.

The UN is in favour of abortion rights, for instance in this 2011 report:

“24…Conscientious objection laws create barriers to access by permitting health-care providers and ancillary personnel, such as receptionists and pharmacists, to refuse to provide abortion services…. Such restrictive regimes, which are not replicated in other areas of sexual and reproductive health care, serve to reinforce the stigma that abortion is an objectionable practice.”

(What, some people in the world are still allowed to treat abortion as a practice worth objecting to? How dare they!)


“Because every kid counts”!

Note from the ProLife NZ blog editor: Here in New Zealand UNICEF (along with the NZ abortion lobby groups) supported blocking parental notification when a girl under 16 has an abortion, when there was an attempted law change to provide parental notification in 2004. More on this issue and UNICEF involvement is available here.

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