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You may have heard recently that Denmark is the happiest nation on earth, via the World Happiness Report.


Personally, I wouldn’t want to live somewhere where overall happiness is the prize (sounds like a Sci-Fi novel or two). Imagine if all annoying people were put in prison one day (I’d have to watch my back).

“There is now a rising worldwide demand that policy be more closely aligned with what really matters to people as they themselves characterize their well-being,”

The key variables in the report are as stated:

real GDP per capita

healthy life expectancy

having someone to count on

perceived freedom to make life choices

freedom from corruption


Some of the highest-ranked countries included the Netherlands (with legally assisted suicide) at fourth. While down the bottom of the list were countries which are perhaps more dangerous, less health-technology-advanced, perhaps more oppressive towards women.

But I couldn’t help wondering “happiest for whom”?

I noticed some of the countries that came the lowest were ones where women aren’t treated that well. I guess those are countries where freedom for one group (men) comes at the heavy expense of another (women).

So we think (rightly) – “Oh, that’s because you have to take into account everybody’s happiness!”

So where does the study take into account foetuses’ happiness? Oh and people who feel coerced (without admitting it) to end their lives to please other people?

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