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First it was the NZ Green Party who embraced an extreme abortion policy, now it looks as if Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is about to do the very same thing.

To be fair, this doesn’t appear to be something Kim Dotcom is personally promoting, instead it looks like an agenda that Laila Harré is using the Internet Party to try and push.

Her proposed policy calls for abortion to become a human right, and frighteningly it also calls for the total removal of all “state mandated legal grounds” for abortion – which means abortion on demand for ANY reason.

It really is hard to see how this extreme abortion ideology of Harré’s has anything to do with the founding vision and ethos of the Internet Party – which was supposed to be about bringing something new, not old and tired, to NZ politics.

Instead, this looks like a Machiavellian political operator who has seen an opportunity, and is now exploiting it for all it is worth in order to achieve a personal agenda.

I guess this was always going to be one of the risks for Kim Dotcom upon entering politics – he would put up the money, and others would happily use it to grease the wheels of their own personal pet political projects.

Harré needs to realise that Kim Dotcom has thrown her a lifeline – before the Internet Party her political career had flatlined, so much so that the rigour mortis had already well and truly set in.

But it would be a massive mistake on her part to assume that she is bigger than the Internet Party, or that it exists solely to serve her extreme ideologies.

Kim Dotcom has made no secret of the fact that he is passionate about the youth vote (something I actually find kind of refreshing about his party), but to achieve success in this area he will need to keep a keen eye on demographic trends.

Extreme abortion ideology, like the one Harré is trying to push on the Internet Party, is a thing of yesteryear – it is definitely not a part of current mainstream youth culture.

There is a very good reason why the younger generation is now regularly being referred to as ‘the pro-life generation’, and why pro-choice activists are struggling to attract young people to their movement – Kim Dotcom would be wise to take notice of these facts if he is truly serious about gaining a political foothold via the youth vote at the next election.

Allowing his party to be hijacked by ageing activists and their bygone agendas would be the divisive death knell for a party that has shown a lot of promise until now.

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