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Last night the student pro-life club at Victoria University in Wellington created a Facebook event to advertise a special presentation on abortion and human rights that they are hosting next week.

Not long after the page had gone live, all manner of rabid pro-choicers got on there and started posting the most unintelligent, frighteningly militant (the word ‘fundamentalism’ comes to mind) and downright bizarre comments on the event page.

Here’s a sampling of some of the intellectual delights on offer at the pro-choice buffet last night…

“#ABORTLIFECHOICE and eat all the babies…” (this particular commenter made numerous comments about eating babies throughout the night)

“I ♥ abortions because I hate condoms!”


“It’s been nice trolling you lifechokes… Hope your dad uses a sock from now on.”


“Is Brendan licensed to practice medicine? And if not, will you be letting all attendees know that before he begins speaking?”

“*SPOLIER* Women who have had to make the decision to have an abortion are going to be silenced as being unethical!”

“Prolife? LifeChoice?
You mean Anti-Choice, right?”


“I’m not even going to dignify this by pretending to have anything other than disgust at the intent of this group and this talk. You’re views are nothing short of hateful, ignorant and downright dangerous to every woman in new Zealand.”

It never ceases to amaze me just how incapable of reasoned debate some people on the pro-choice side of this issue seem to be – to the point of intolerance in fact.

Thankfully not all adherents to the pro-choice ideology are as brutish and unintellectual in their approach to this issue as many of the commenters on last night’s event page were – just to prove to you that there are actually less fundy pro-choice people out there, let me end today’s post with another quote, from someone who is also pro-choice, that appeared on this same page last night:

“I am avidly pro-choice and don’t plan on changing my position, but there needs to be respect when issues like these come along, posting stupid comments or making silly accusations is not on and simply childish. I don’t have an issue with another group having a view, that’s what being pro-choice is. And posting comments like these is what make pro-choicers seem so ‘crazy’… I hate when people think [that this is] what I am when I tell them I’m strongly pro-choice.”



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