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Today we bring you an article from Anna from LifeChoice. This article is a response to Minkoff, H. & Ecker, J. 2012. When legislators play doctor: the ethics of mandatory preabortion ultrasound examinations. Obstetrics & Gynecology. 120:3, 647-649.

In a landmark ruling for pro-life activists February 2012 marked the month Virginia voted in favour of becoming the 8th state in the U.S to pass the revised ultrasound bill: a bill which requires women seeking abortion to undergo mandatory transabdominal ultrasounds prior to the procedure, as part of a fulfilment of informed consent.

Responding to an increase in favour for this bill in the U.S., a commentary was released in the September 2012 edition of the journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by Howard Minkoff (MD) and Jeffrey Ecker (MD), arguing that

‘{…} Legislating imaging procedures inappropriately limits women’s autonomy and undermines the physician-patient relation.’

The article argues, and I agree, that the foundation of informed consent consists of a respect for autonomy, which supports the dual pillars of voluntariness and information.  However, our harmony in opinion stops at this definition.

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