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Mike Sullivan Downs Syndrome New Zealand

From the front page of the Northern Advocate

A group led by a Whangarei man is taking the Government to the International Criminal Court, alleging its policy on screening for Down syndrome is akin to genocide and a crime against humanity.

A group of 37 parents and siblings of children with Down Syndrome and anti-abortion group Right to Life New Zealand have lodged a complaint with the court in The Hague, Holland, against the Government’s antenatal screening programme for Down syndrome.

The Ministry of Health has denied the group’s claims.

Group spokesman and Whangarei engineer Mike Sullivan said the complaint was laid under the Rome Statute and the court had confirmed it was being considered.

The group complained that the policy articles which deal with genocide and crimes against humanity respectively. Mr Sullivan said the policy breached articles by imposing measures intended to prevent births and by extermination.

The court has been asked to investigate and intervene in the Ministry’s antenatal screening programme, alleging it persecutes people with Down syndrome through the prevention of their births.

Mr Sullivan said the policy was akin to social engineering and prevented around 75 per cent of births of people with Down syndrome in New Zealand.

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