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What gets implied by holding a pro-choice view, or put another way, what does a “pro-choice world” look like?

I got hit by a thought once that being pro-choice-of-abortion-being-legal means supporting something that could have cut your life short while you were in gestation.

As I think more about it, holding this viewpoint seems like a burden. What I mean is in the sense of a belief that is unhelpful (at the least) and probably makes one sad to hold it (but one feels like one must), to some degree.


Think about it; those strongly in support, or apathetic about, abortion being legal must admit – must – that they support something that could have gotten them killed by someone else’s choice with the full support of the law.

Perhaps one recourse is to then believe that a foetus isn’t a human. I guess that can be done. It’s unscientific & doesn’t stand up philosophically but it can be done (a lot of things can – eg the Matrix). Are there good reasons behind it? Well, I guess there’s the freedom to kill a foetus, but why is that such a good thing? Why is it so worth fighting for, that you were not a human, but alive in your mother’s womb, and that it was okay to kill your non-human thing that turned into you?

Hmm, just doesn’t strike me as happy stuff. Seems like a cold, clinical, dark, grey, morbid way to think, maybe.

Now, just on a ‘preference’ kind-of level, sure, I do ‘prefer’ the pro-life view. Yes, I do want to live in a inclusive world where people with different abilities, different looks, intelligence, development, etc. are included.

Now THAT’s a view of the world which I can see happiness and colour inside (yes, even in the midst of suffering), and which rings true (the existence of lies doesn’t ruin the truth).

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