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Earlier today the NZ news website published a news story about the senseless and brutal killing of Rae Portman, a pregnant Kiwi woman who was murdered and buried in a shallow grave sometime after she went missing several months ago.

The headline of the article read: “Rae Portman’s unborn baby ‘Brooke'”, and the opening paragraph of the article stated the following:

“A funeral for slain woman Rae Portman and her unborn child Brooke will be held this Saturday.”

The headline and the opening statement of this article are both 100% correct, and very important, for they remind us of the stark and awful reality that two human persons were killed in this brutal act.

And therein lies the grave hypocrisy – when a child in the womb is killed by an abortionist there is no mourning, no stark headlines in the mainstream media forcing us to confront the violent reality of abortion, and we don’t even use the term ‘baby’, instead we try and give justification to the act of abortion by attempting to dehumanize the unborn child with terms such as ‘product of conception’, ‘clump of tissue’, ‘the pregnancy’, etc.

According to the official NZ abortion statistics, last year 908 unborn babies 14 weeks and older were killed in abortion clinics around the country.

Many of them would have been the same age, or older than Brooke Portman, yet not only were their deaths willingly tolerated, but their killing continues to be openly and actively defended by pro-choice activists and others in this country, all in the name of convenience and empowerment.

The only difference between the killing of little Brooke Portman, and the approximately 50 other unborn human beings that were killed on the same day that she died, is that those other babies were considered unwanted and were killed inside a surgical facility.

While the current state of hypocrisy is a bitter pill for those of us who are attune to the ethical reality that abortion kills a human person, the good news is that, historically speaking, such willful cultural denial can only last last so long before the veil is pulled back and the majority come to see and reject the grave evil that had been previously condoned and tolerated.

And when that day comes there will be no more hypocrisy, instead we will rightly memorialize and mourn the tens of thousands of unborn New Zealanders who were unjustly killed, just like Brooke Portman was.

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