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Welcome to the very first edition of FridayLife – a weekly opinion column which appears on the ProLife NZ blog every Friday morning

If you are a regular follower of the abortion issue in New Zealand, you will have seen the research from Otago University that came out in 2009 showing that abortion significantly increases many women’s risk of subsequent mental health problems.

The research was conducted by a professor who has publicly stated that he is ‘pro-choice’ on the abortion issue, and who has just this week stated that his research shows that there needs to be a critical examination of the NZ law which allows abortions to be carried out on the grounds that the mother will be mentally harmed if she carries the baby to full term and gives birth to it.

Here’s exactly what this research team said…

“There is no evidence to support the assumptions underlying this practice, [of granting abortions to protect the mental health of the mother], and the findings of the present study suggest that abortion may, in fact, increase mental health risks among those women who find seeking and obtaining an abortion a distressing experience.”

Now, to his credit, talkback host Michael Laws dedicated his entire program to this issue following the release of the research , but apart from that, and one or two printed stories, this important issue was practically sidestepped by the secular media in this country.

Heaven forbid that someone should criticize abortion, after all, it has been sold to Western culture, by the pro-abortion ideologues, as one of the greatest acts of female emancipation in the last 100 years, and the last thing we need is people bad-mouthing our secular sacraments.

Listening to the Michael Laws show, it became abundantly clear that we truly are living in a culture of death in New Zealand, and it isn’t just babies who are dying, so is our compassion and our intellect.

You see, I listened with ever increasing frustration as caller, after caller, after caller rang in and stated something along the lines of; “I’m pro-choice, and I support a woman’s right to have an abortion, but I think we need to do something to reduce the high number of abortions happening in New Zealand”.

Why did I find this so frustrating?

Well, has any one of these callers ever bothered to stop and ask themselves why they should have a problem with New Zealand’s high abortion rate if they don’t actually think that there is anything wrong with the act of abortion?!

If, as they claim, abortion should be legal, and they are not opposed to women having abortions, then why would they have any problem with lots of women having abortions?

If there is nothing wrong with one abortion taking place, then why should there be any problem with almost 16,000 abortions taking place?

The only reason that someone, who claims to be okay with abortion, should also harbor a discomfort about the high number of abortions happening in NZ each year, is if their conscience is subconsciously alerting to them the fact that every one of those abortions kills an innocent human being.

Most people seem to be okay with one baby being killed at a time, but when you actually stop and tally things up, even your average desensitized and morally confused Westerner instinctively knows that almost 16,000 babies killed per year looks a little bit too much like genocide for comfort.

And while all this killing is taking place, we’re busy talking about choices, when we talk about this issue at all that is.

The whole ‘pro-choice’ ideology is one of the greatest acts of moral stupidity and cowardice that our culture has ever embraced – it’s the smaller equivalent of the UN standing by in Rwanda as the Hutus exercised their freedom of choice and massacred their Tutsis and Hutu countrymen.

Everyone has become so fixated on the deifying ‘choice’ that they have stopped looking at what it is that is actually being chosen here.

We aren’t talking about the freedom to choose your favorite ice cream flavour, or the freedom to choose where you live, or the freedom to choose what career you’ll pursue – instead we are talking about supporting the freedom of individuals to choose to kill an innocent human baby.

It’s the sort of insanity that Orwell would have had a field day with.

I mean, can you imagine someone saying that they are pro-choice when it comes to polluting the environment?

Or that they are pro-choice when it comes to racial genocide or human slavery?

The real issue here is moral blindness.

We are blind to the truth that abortion is a great evil which kills an innocent human being at one of its most defenseless moments in life.

The reason for this moral blindness is simple; the pro-abortion ideologues of yesteryear were highly successful at fudging the truth, and hiding from view the reality of the living, growing, unborn human child, and the reality of exactly what abortion does to that child.

How did they do this?

With nothing more than words and verbal engineering.

Instead of talking about unborn children, they kept talking about ‘products of conception’, or the ‘lump of cells’ and they even hi-jacked the Latin word fetus and started using it as a cold, detached and inhuman way of referring to the unborn baby.

Instead of honestly admitting they were pro-abortion, they insisted they were ‘pro-choice’ or ‘pro a woman’s right to choose’ – strangely enough they never seemed to be pro the choices of any unborn women that happened to get in the way of their ideology.

And instead of referring to ‘aborting a baby’, they kept using terms like ‘termination of a pregnancy’, the ‘procedure’, and now it is even called a ‘pregnancy reduction’ by some.

Like I said; Orwell would have had a field day.

In the 1970’s, abortion was simply the evil whose name must never be mentioned, but now, 40 years later, it seems that abortion has actually become the evil whose name, and whose harmful effects must never be mentioned.

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