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Defended by a leading pro-abortion advocate… the student funded pro-life club at Sydney University.

A leading pro-abortion advocate has defended the rights of a student-funded pro-life club at the University of Sydney.

The decision to allow LifeChoice Sydney to become a club of the student union and receive student funding last month has sparked controversy across campus, with opponents pushing to expel the group.

However, Peter Singer, a professor in ethics and philosophy at the University of Melbourne, said it would be wrong to prevent an anti-abortion student group from forming at the university.

“I have been an advocate of legal abortion since I was an undergraduate myself, when abortion was illegal; but I am also a strong supporter of freedom of speech,” Professor Singer said.

“A university, in particular, should be a place where ideas are able to be freely expressed. Students should be challenged to defend the ideas they take for granted.”

Cross posted from the Sydney Morning Herald with additional reporting from ProLife NZ.

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