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In the past week news media outlets have featured stories about Andy Moore, a New Zealander who now resides in the United States, and a possible FBI investigation into his conduct outside American abortion clinics.

Some of this coverage has made mention of a previous connection that Andy Moore had to Prolife New Zealand.

In light of this fact we felt that it was important to publicly clarify the following points:

1. Andy Moore has not had any official involvement with Prolife New Zealand since 2010.

2. Prolife New Zealand does not participate in public protests outside abortion clinics, instead our policy is one of engaging in peaceful, respectful and reasoned dialogue, on and around New Zealand tertiary campuses, about the issue of abortion.

3. Prolife New Zealand is strongly opposed to practices such as picketing abortion clinic worker’s residences or places of business, photographing abortion clinic staff and posting their images on websites.

We believe that such practices are totally inconsistent with the culture of life and respect for persons which our organization is dedicated to advocating for here in New Zealand.

Apart from these three points of clarification, Prolife New Zealand can shed no further light on this incident as it has no connection whatsoever to our organization.

Anyone seeking further information about this matter would need to correspond directly with Andy Moore – he has been living in the United States for well over a year now and this incident took place over there, and Prolife New Zealand has no information about these events apart from what has been reported in the media.

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