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Today I thought that instead of sharing a long article, I’d encourage you to check out Sarah Gordy, the young English actress. Having appeared in several drama series including Call the Midwife, film and theatre production, she is a confident young woman and an inspiration for all Downs Syndrome people.

Chris Burke Down Syndrome Actor

Another actor who is worth mentioning is Chris Burke. From a young age his dream was to be on television, and he is best known for playing the character ‘Corky’ in the TV series ‘Life Goes On’.

He has written an autobiography ‘A Special Kind of Hero’ and was the first Downs Syndrome actor to be given a major role in a television series. His acting created a shift in people’s view on Downs Syndrome people and what they were capable of; he is a strong advocate for Downs Syndrome people and regularly gives lectures and speeches on the subject. He is also a folk singer, and tours regularly with his band.

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