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Press Release from Family Life International on Steve Chadwick’s proposed bill

Saturday 3 July, 2010

Family Life International NZ is greatly alarmed at Labour MP Steve Chadwick’s proposed bill that would bring about abortion on demand in New Zealand, and is adamant that such a bill would be an absolute disaster for this country.

“If successful, Chadwick’s bill would simply result in an increase in the number of abortions performed in New Zealand every year” says Family Life International NZ media spokesperson Brendan Malone.

“Any person with commonsense knows that when you make access to abortion easier, the incidence of abortion simply increases as more people use it without giving any thought whatsoever to the consequences and risks they are exposing themselves to.”

“The end result of this will simply be more damaged women, and more dead unborn human beings.”

“At a time when we actually need to be exploring policies such as independent crisis-pregnancy counseling, and a mandatory cooling off period before any decision is made, Chadwick is proposing we simply remove all safeguards whatsoever.”

“It is absolutely bizarre that any MP would be proposing a step in this direction when more and more research is starting to show a definite link between abortion and serious psychological and physical risks” says Brendan Malone.

Family Life International would do everything in its power to lobby strongly against Chadwick’s bill if it was ever to be introduced into NZ Parliament.


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