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I would like to share with you today about Claudia and Jon, and their young family. As the Sunday show phrase it

Imagine going along to your baby’s first scan and discovering your unborn child has a condition that will almost certainly mean he/she will be physically and possibly mentally disabled.

Well that is exactly what happened to Claudia and Jon Turner. Placed in a situation where in most cases the parents choose to undergo an abortion, Claudia and Jon present a rather different, more positive message that I believe belongs here in a prolife setting: Everyone deserves a chance at life, no matter how brief that life may be. That we do not, and should not, make the choice for another that their life is not worth living.

I think however that today we might do things a touch differently – therefore I encourage you all to go and watch their inspiring story yourselves here for nothing I can write here will carry the same weight. And while you watch just keep in mind – Claudia and Jon’s family is all the richer for little Eva. That is what Eva means after all – life. So, without further ado, go and watch the clip!

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