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Paul Hutchinson.

You may have caught yesterday’s news about the new report from the Health parliamentary select committee inquiry into the prevention of child abuse in NZ.

What you probably haven’t heard is how alarming some of the proposals listed in this report are.

Remember, this was a report that was supposed to be primarily about preventing child abuse in NZ. The end result, however, is a document with large sections that read like a manifesto and wish list that was written by Family Planning and the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ.

Yes, it really is that bad.

Somewhere between the start of this select committee process, and the final report, this inquiry was hi-jacked by some very committed ideologues who have turned this into a Trojan Horse for some very concerning fringe ideologies that have nothing to do with reducing child abuse.

Some of the most troubling aspects of this report are found under the section titled “Reproductive human rights”.

In this section of the report not only is abortion referred to as a “human right”, but the report also recommends a review of New Zealand’s current abortion laws.

Here is that entire section (emphasis added):

“Many submissions asserted the importance of focusing on women’s health and well-being in its own right, and ensuring that access to resources and services is not influenced by women’s reproductive intentions. Better access to medical abortions for women, regardless of their age, was also called for. Articles 12 and 16 of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women address women’s access to health care and family planning services, and their right to decide freely the number and spacing of their children.

New Zealand’s abortion law is set out in sections of the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act and the Crimes Act 1961. When a woman is considering an abortion, the law provides for the appointment of two certifying consultants whose task is to determine whether a pregnancy falls within the scope of the section of the Crimes Act that sets out the grounds for a lawful abortion. There are currently no plans to review the abortion law.

The Growing Up in New Zealand Study found that 40 percent of pregnancies in New Zealand are unplanned; other estimates put unplanned pregnancy, inside or outside of a stable relationship, at up to 60 percent. We consider that instituting best-practice sexual and reproductive health services is a very important measure for increasing the proportion of pregnancies that are planned and for enhancing reproductive choice. This can make a significant contribution to healthy pregnancies, as well as upholding an important human right.

In the past emotionally charged debates on the abortion issue have largely submerged the crucial need to significantly improve reproductive health, education, and sexual health services in New Zealand. We received submissions calling for a review of the Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion Act 1977 by the Law Commission, and we agree that this is desirable.”

Remember, this is a report that, according to the Government press release, was supposed to have a primary focus on preventing child abuse. With this in mind, the one question I have is: how the heck are more liberalized NZ abortion laws anything at all to prevent child abuse in this country?!

Not only has the hi-jacking of this report turned it into a farce, but it is also extremely troubling in the unbalanced and poorly researched conclusions that it has presented in these hi-jacked sections, as well as in the demanding ‘fait accompli’ tone it has used to present many of its proposals.

I think that Kiwi parents need to ensure that they voice their displeasure to their MPs at yet another failure to properly tackle the problem of child abuse in this country. Instead what we’ve been lumped with here is a report full of policy lemons and blatant attempts to hi-jack important parental rights and responsibilities in favor of extreme ideologies.

Oh, and just in case anyone is wondering, here are the names of the ten MPs responsible for producing this Trojan report – it’s no surprise to see who the chairperson is – long-term friend and, from what we have seen over the years, unofficial spokesperson/lobbyist for the New Zealand abortion industry/ALRANZ in the National Party, Paul Hutchinson.

Paul Hutchison (Chairperson)
National Party, Hunua

Jian Yang (Deputy Chairperson)
National Party, List MP

Shane Ardern
National Party, Taranaki-King Country

Paul Foster-Bell
National Party, List MP

Scott Simpson
National Party, Coromandel

Kevin Hague
Green Party, List MP

Annette King
Labour Party, Rongotai

Iain Lees-Galloway
Labour Party, Palmerston North

Moana Mackey
Labour Party, List MP

Barbara Stewart
NZ First, List MP

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