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There is a popular ‘defeater’ that is commonly brought up by pro-abortion/choice women whenever men present their views in support of human life and against the intentional killing of the most vulnerable members of the human community through abortion. It pretty much amounts to little more than, ‘you have no right to speak about abortion because…’ 1. You have a penis 2. You don’t have a womb 3. You are a man.

Its happened a lot lately and I’ve heard other men tell me how a number of people have attempted to silence them based on nothing but their gender.

Some essentially want to remove men from the discussion, and it doesn’t matter that women make the exact same points you make, because you have a penis and your views don’t matter, it’s the new sexism. Can you imagine the commotion if men told women that they weren’t allowed to air their views on domestic violence because they don’t have balls (testicles)? I can, we’d never here the end of it, and rightly so because valid moral arguments don’t have genders, people do.

So why should men be able to voice their concerns on abortion?

Because ignoring our voice is a form of sexism. You won’t find me arguing here that women are not the most common victims of sexism, they are, and it doesn’t look like changing any-time soon unfortunately (e.g. page three, men watching copious hours of on-line porn & other common examples of the objectification of women) . But because women are the most common victims of sexism does not mean that it’s okay to discriminate against and silence a persons moral views because they are a man, that is hypocrisy. You have a penis, therefore, your argument is invalid is not a sound argument, it is sexist prejudice though. It’s simply terrible logic, should only men be able to condemn sex trafficking because it is primarily men who procure the ‘services’ of kidnapped sex slaves? Sure, it is women who are primarily harmed by sex trafficking, but as I point out below, half the victims of abortion are males.

I find the attempt to remove men from the discussion so ironic because Pro-abortion/choice feminists are so quick to criticise sexism against them but much slower to see their own, something about a log in one’s eye comes to mind.

Because tens of thousands of boys are killed by abortion each year in New Zealand. Of the close to 14,000 abortions that take place every year in New Zealand, half end the lives of little boys and future men. Therefore, to claim that abortion doesn’t involve or affect men is simply nonsense, of course it does. It is true that I might not be able to have an abortion but I also can’t be a victim of female genital mutilation, but I don’t know of any women campaigning against men having a view against that practice.

Because poor excuses for men are part of the problem. I was listening to a discussion on the radio this afternoon, its was so sad. A women rang up who wanted to have a child and said that she had no choice but to have an abortion because her partner didn’t want to be a father. This women’s ‘reproductive choice’ was to give birth to her child, but, because of an unsupportive excuse for a man she procured an abortion and was still visibly psychologically distressed two years later. The only people who benefited from her decision were the abortion provider. Since the vast majority of human beings owe their existence to sexual intercourse between a man and woman, men are already involved, in fact… they couldn’t be much more involved.  One study published in the Medical Science Monitor found that 37% of Russian women and 64% of American women felt ‘pressured’ into having an abortion and it doesn’t take much common sense to realise who may be doing most of the pressuring (although family and friends are other guilty parties)!

So please don’t tell me men have no right to be part of the discussion because not only are men part of the problem but part of the solution! Men need to be part of the discussion because it is so often unsupportive lousy men who put pressure on women to have abortions when all they want is to be a mum. Of course not all men are bad, many are good men who want nothing more than to be good fathers.

Because abortion is wrong whoever says it. Abortion is wrong because it intentionally and without proper moral justification takes the life of a human being, and it would be wrong whether it was a man or woman said so.

I can think of numerous other reasons why men ought to be able to air their views on abortion but put quite simply and most obviously, any attempts to silence men are simply forms of modern sexism.

Cross-posted from Prolife Ethics with additional reporting from ProLife NZ.

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