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Last week the New Zealand Green party announced that it was going to be making the introduction of extreme abortion law in this country one of its key policies for the upcoming general election.

In embracing abortion, they have embraced an ideology and act that is so totally contrary to the core tenants of left wing politics that it’s hard to view this as anything other than a total betrayal of the very principles that leftist politics are built on.

Sadly this isn’t an isolated betrayal of first principles. Many other left wing parties and politicians all around the globe have already sold their soul for their thirty pieces of abortion silver.

As a person of goodwill who cares deeply about human rights, human dignity and living an ethical life built on compassion I find myself more at home on the left of the political spectrum than I do on the right.

But, sadly, my days of voting for left wing parties in New Zealand have long since passed because of the betrayal of ethical governance that their staunch commitment to abortion represents.

Why do I say that abortion is a betrayal of left wing politics?

Well, it’s simple really:

Abortion involves the ultimate violation of human rights, where an innocent human being is killed for simply being unwanted.

Abortion denies the right to liberty, bodily rights and self-determination to a whole class of human beings – the unborn – simply because of where they temporarily happen to reside.

Abortion regularly involves the exploitation and destruction of the vulnerable for the financial or social gain of others.

Abortion is the ultimate act of prejudice that now regularly involves the destruction of persons with disabilities purely because they are persons with disabilities.

Abortion divides human beings into arbitrary classes (born and unborn), and then gives the very power of life and death to the stronger of the two classes, to exert as they deem fit, over the vulnerable class.

I wonder how many of those on the modern left are even aware that right wing politicians, like Richard Nixon, have previously spoken favourably of abortion as an effective tool for controlling the black American population?

Now maybe you’re thinking to yourself, but hold on, isn’t abortion consistent with the left wing commitment to feminist thought and women’s rights?

Not even close.

I struggle to see how any logical thinking person could claim that abortion is advantageous to women, or provides them empowerment.

Not only do approximately 50% of abortions involve the killing of females in the womb; and not only does abortion require a pregnant female to expose herself to various risks (some quite serious); but it ultimately creates relational imbalances that weigh heavily in favour of men.

The irony is that abortion was sold as a tool for combating misogyny, but in actual fact it does the exact opposite, allowing men the ultimate freedom to use women purely for their own sexual gratification with abortion as the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card.

So how did this happen?

How did the left, the political movement of human dignity, rights and compassion for the vulnerable, come to support an act that is the ultimate violation of all of these?

I suspect that a lot of this has to do with the confused ideologies that were adopted when sound philosophy was rejected in the various social revolutions of the past 100 years in the West.

Ideologies which reject even the possibility of truth being a reality, let alone it being something universally knowable.

Ideologies which propose a false version of liberty, confusing choice with freedom, and even making it more important than the act which is chosen.

Ideologies that make personal autonomy absolute, even when it comes at a serious cost to other human beings.

Ultimately abortion is the very personification of one of the most abhorrent propositions to left wing politics: might makes right – where the strong wield absolute power over the vulnerable, a power that can be exercised at will, and without any regard whatsoever for the dignity, rights and wellbeing of the weak.

As someone who cares deeply about social justice, I only hope that one day soon the left wakes up from this ideological stupor.

Cross-posted from Brendan Malone at The Leading Edge Blog.

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