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Welcome to New Zealand’s
ultimate digital pro-life resource –
the new ProLife NZ website.

After months of development we finally have everything ready – and we are pretty happy with the result – a site that has been put together totally leveraging the skills and talent of our own members.

This is the biggest update of our website in four years – as one of the key parts of our movement in New Zealand, this digital platform will support the amazing work that our teams are doing on the ground around the nation.

We aim for it to be the go-to resource for need-to-know information on life issues along with the latest news and opinion so you can keep up-to-date and informed.

Our website is the member of our team that never sleeps – 24/7 it is providing the information people need to build a culture of life in New Zealand (and over the tasman – our website is now the most visited pro-life focussed website in Australasia!). It’s also the backbone of our big campus campaigns and tours – providing the in-depth information on topics that we can only cover in brief in the collateral we give to students on campus.

We would love to hear your feedback on the new site in the discussion section below the post or on our Facebook page – and if you do like what we have done, please make sure you share it with friends and family so more people have access to this great resource.


This is just the beginning…

We have so much more that we would like to add to this great resource but we need your help to make it happen.

If you have ideas on new resources to add to the website and/or the time to help us with developing these resources, we would love to hear from you.

We are also looking at expanding our blog team – so if you are interested in getting a place as one of our bloggers please let us know – no technology knowledge is needed – we just want people who are passionate about the cause who can write great material to help our followers learn more about this issue.

Here are some of the great new features that we have developed to make this your first go-to on all pro-life issues…


Beautiful new look,
layout and design

We’ve designed the entire site to look clean, contemporary and appealing.

ProLife and beautiful

Mobile ready and responsive

We noticed alot of our visitors were visiting our website from mobiles so we have built the site from the ground
up so that it looks great on mobiles, tablets and a range of other popular devices.

ProLife NZ site iphone


Over 60 new content
sections and resources

We have spent weeks putting together great new content on a range of pro-life issues for the website – and along with this we have
included concise and relevant video content to make these issues easy to up-skill on so that you can know the facts on pro-life issues.

new sections


Here is a sneak peak of some
of our favourite new sections:

Need Support? section

We have now expanded this section to six key areas where New Zealanders require support. In each section we have worked to provide as much
information on the area as we can including videos featuring first hand experience of people living through these situations along with links to great
New Zealand organisation that can help out people in these specific situations with practical knowledge, advice and support.

Pregnancy resources


Info and Resources section

Again we have developed a great selection of new material here. From videos on the development of the unborn child,
the latest abortion statistics, information for medical students who want to practice conscientious objection
to pro-life apologetics and information on best pro-life films, it is all featured in this section.

Abortion and Healthcare 



Search engine optimised

Like everything else on the site, we have put alot of work into engineering the site so it is totally search engine optimised.
To the non-techies among us, this means our site will be well indexed by Google and features regularly in the top results
when people are searching for information on important topics related to pro-life issues.

pro-life nz google



ProLife NZ blog. Centre stage.

We’ve put Australasia’s most visited pro-life focussed blog as the centre of the site.
We have a great team of bloggers keeping you up-to-date on the latest pro-life developments here in New Zealand
and overseas. Make sure you check out the blog and sign up for our free email updates
(you can do this from the right column on any of our blog pages).

pro-life blog centre stage


Integrated with more
social media platforms.

We’ve integrated the website with all our major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter
and now emerging platforms Tumblr and Google Plus.

pro-life tumblr

google plus pro-life


New Zealand owned server –
super fast and
supporting our country.

As a grass roots New Zealand organisation it makes sense for us to be supporting New Zealand,
so we base the site on super fast servers right here in our own country.

ProLife NZ - NZ made



We’ve integrated a range of features that make the site accessible and easy to use for the widest
range of visitors possible, regardless of disability or impairment.
More information on how we’ve done this is available here.

pro-life site accesible


Regular updates made easy

We’ve made a major update to our content management system – the system behind the scenes that allows us to update the site –
meaning that our website team and bloggers can get great looking content up quick-as without having to get all technical.
This means less time wasted on getting things working and more time putting together great content for you.
And now you have no excuse to put off joining our blog team?

make a difference


So what are you waiting for?

Take a look around and if you have a sec let us know what you think of the new site in the comments on the
Facebook post below or the comments section at the bottom of this page.

If you have the time, we’d also really appreciate it if you helped us let more people know about this site.

How can you help?
Tell your friends about the site, share the Facebook post below, pop up your own link on Facebook or Twitter
about our site and if you have some time tell the admin at your local community organisation,
church or mosque about our great new site and ask them pop up a link to us on their website.



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