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Two weeks ago Pro-life Auckland was privileged to launch the latest pro-life campaign in New Zealand at our O-week stall: Just Think .

The Just Think campaign was put together by a number of our members in Auckland and designed to encourage University Students to think deeply about the fundamental question in the abortion debate, “When does life begin?”

The pamphlet and website campaign which includes a video (below) makes the logical argument that “If abortion is the deliberate ending of a human being’s life, then we should do all in our power to defend those human beings, just as we should call the police if we see someone threatening another person with a knife.”

It also addresses skeptics who might argue ‘well we can’t really be that sure if it is a human being or not,’ by saying that we must err on the side of caution.

“If there is a chance that abortion is the deliberate ending of the life of an innocent human being, then we should err on the side of caution and not permit it.”

Pro-life Auckland handed out thousands of these pamphlets and signed up hundreds of new people to Pro-life Auckland. Over the year the club plans to run regular forums where we will holistically discuss the topic of abortion and strive to raise awareness of the issue on campus.

We will create a pro-life New Zealand together!

The Just Think project is a continuous campaign with more activities happening soon! Watch this space!

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