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Multiple pregnancy informed consent

Cross posted from the Culture Vulture.

Okay, so Mike Sullivan alerted me to this most bizarre of stories which has just made the news headlines in the UK in the last 24 hours.

A British health watchdog has published a report recommending that women pregnant with multiple babies (i.e. two or more), should be warned about the health and psychological risks associated with aborting one or more of the babies, but the report does not suggest that the same warnings be given to women carrying only one child.

And just listen to the grounds they suggest for the warnings…

“The first guidance on multiple pregnancy from [the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice)] says that mothers-to-be should be given information on the “physical risks and psychological implications” of what is known as “selective fetal reduction” before their foetuses are screened for Down’s syndrome…

Nice’s guidance suggests that the procedure of aborting one of two or three fetuses is itself dangerous, and may later lead to emotional problems in both the mother and the remaining twin.”

Just consider the ramifications of what is being proposed here:

a. women should be warned before engaging in eugenic screening for Downs syndrome
b. women should be warned about the physical risks
c. women should be warned about the psychological risks
d. women should be warned about the emotional risks to the other children they have

So why is it that only women pregnant with multiple children should be warned about these risks when all of them apply just as much to women carrying only one child?

Not only is the fact that this report was released astounding in and of itself, but the fact that it excludes single child pregnancies is even more unbelievable.

One really has to wonder how long we can keep this macabre genie in the bottle, especially with the massive advances in science that are more and more showing the true reality of the humanity of the unborn child, as well as the serious risks posed to women who undergo the abortion procedure.

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