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Stayin' Alive 2012

There is not long to go now until the pro-life training event of the summer – the Stayin’ Alive Pro-Life Summer Day being held in Auckland on December 1 2012 (for more details see

We have people flying from all around the country to the event and it is shaping up to be a great day!

As you can imagine we are very keen to get as many people along to the event as possible as these summer training days are our main event of the year for getting newpeople involved with our organisation – the more people we get along, the stronger our organisation will be next year.

We are currently sitting at 70 registrations and our goal is to get 200 along for the day. 

This is where you come in – we have included a couple of (very) easy ways that you can promote this event over the next week so that we can hit this 200 mark.

We would really appreciate it if you could do one or all of them to help us out – and get the satisfaction of being part of maintaining the future of ProLife NZ on New Zealand campuses.

1. Invite your friend to the event using our Facebook event/share the event on your wall/mention it in a status update:

This is an easy 5 minute job – open the event, click the invite friends button in the top right corner and invite a good number of your friends. Many of us and have found a 100+ in our friends list who we know may not be involved with the prolife movement but may be interested in coming along.

Once you have invited this big group of people, you may want to follow up with a smaller group of key people who are very likely to be interested in coming along with a personal facebook message, text or a call.

Click the link below to visit the event

2/ Promote the event to your local community group/youth group:

A: Ask them to include this note in their next bulletin/notice:

Stayin’ Alive ProLife Training Day – Saturday 1 December 2012

Are you a year 12 and 13 school student, university students or young professional?

Make sure you get along to Auckland’s pro-life training event of the summer – the Staying Alive ProLife Training Day. It features knowledgeable and informative speakers who present formation sessions on issues such as practical pro-life apologetics, understanding the media and political issues, as well as having a special focus on introducing attendees to some great pro-life resources and projects that they can adopt. Lunch and a BBQ dinner are included.

For full details, registration and to check out our awesome promotional video, check out

B: Print off the event poster and ask if you can put it up in a good location where many people will see it.

C: Make this an official event for your local community group/ youth group:
We have set up the event so that it is a simple event for youth leaders to bring youth/community groups to – we have priced the day at $20 each for a full day of talks and activities, and we are also putting on lunch and a BBQ dinner. Additionally, we can arrange a group sign-up for your youth group so that you do not have to sign up each individual member of the group on our website (simply give us an email to organise this –

D: Send our prewritten email describing the event to a couple of local community groups/youth groups.
Download the pdf version of the template email, paste the content into an email and then send.
Click below to download:

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