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‘Many men have realized the ways that reproductive oppression affects them and the ones they love, and how some traditional ideas of masculinity hurt everyone. However, there is still a long way to go in working out the relationship between men, masculinity, queerness and reproductive justice.’


Today’s post touches on the difference between Bro-Choice and Bro-Life. Sounds kinda cheesy, but don’t let that put you off jumping into the debate guys! Please! 😉


–The moral midgets of the “Bro Choice” movement have received a rejoinder that real men respect women and protect life.

The response comes in the form of a new video posted by the group Counter Cultured, a pro-family group founded by Anna Maria Hoffman, a former intern at the Family Research Council and member of Eagle Forum. Her writing has been featured on

As you may anticipate, Hoffman is not your average Millenial. Neither are the young men who speak out in the video.

The “Bro-Choice” movement is composed of man-children, horndogs, and derelicts who are “pro-choice” because abortion allows them to cut ties with their female conquests and move on to fertilize other unwary souls.

A group of young men, who appear to be mostly in their twenties, sent in one or two sentence responses for why “as men, we should speak out for life.”

Many believed the answer is simple: Masculine, noble men were intended to guard others, not exploit them.

“Men are supposed to protect women and children,” says a man with a pronounced Irish accent. Real men must “protect those who cannot protect themselves,” says another man.

“Men are supposed to honor and be considerate of the women in their lives,” says an American man. “They cannot let a women go through with the emotional and physical harm that goes along with abortion.”

“A lot of women need men to really step up in their lives,” says yet another.

A few say all other rights rest upon the right to be born. “I’m pro-life, because I believe without life there is no liberty nor pursuit of happiness,” one man says. Another adds, “I’m pro-life, because no legitimate moral system places a higher value on a woman’s so-called ‘right to choose’ over a child’s right to life.”

A few make a plea for male rights. Under U.S. law, women may abort a child the father wants to keep without his consultation, or even his knowledge.  “It’s just as much the father’s child,” one young man says.

Others had more philosophical reasons. “I don’t think human life should be valued on a sliding scale,” one respondent commented. “I don’t think our worth as people is determined by how developed we are or how dependent we are.”

Several cited their faith. “Faith informs me that life is sacred, and reason informs me that human life begins at conception,” says another.

You may watch the full video below.

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