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The one major surprises for a lot of commentators tonight was the fact that the NZ Green Party only managed to come in around the 10% mark.

The Greens ran a very impressive campaign, and various polls had them averaging at 15% (one even got as high as 16%) in the lead up to today’s vote.

By all accounts they should have thrived and grown in leaps and bounds at this election, especially in light of the severely weakened Labour Party and the Dirty Politics scandal, etc.

But that never eventuated, and a lot of commentators seem perplexed as to why this has happened.

I’m not.

The Greens put themselves on the path to this outcome the moment they committed themselves to the introduction of an extreme abortion law in New Zealand.

When you live in an ideological bubble you can very easily lose touch with the wider world around you, and I think that the Greens and their abortion policy is a classic example of this.

They completely misread where New Zealand is at with this issue, and as a result they wrongly thought that the announcement of their abortion policy would only draw the ire of pro-life advocates, but wouldn’t ruffle too many other feathers, and would instead enjoy mostly widespread support.

But that’s the funny thing about getting trapped in ideological bubbles – they blind you to reality.

Not only did the Greens commitment to abortion cost them considerable support with members of the general public who would have supported them otherwise, but it also cost them a lot of support they previously enjoyed within the Christian community – because for Christians, social justice is not an arbitrary concept, it is a serious principle and it begins in the womb.

I know for a fact, from my travels around NZ in the past couple of months, and various other interactions, that their commitment to an extreme abortion law has definitely cost the Greens left wing voter support this time around.

My hope is that the Greens meditate long and hard after tonights result about how their support for abortion cost them the potential this election to become a far more influential force in left wing politics.

They stand for a lot of good things, but their commitment to an extreme abortion policy completely undermines, and sits as a stark and grave contradiction to the cornerstones of social justice and respect for human dignity that their party is supposed to be built on.

Cross posted from Brendan Malone at the Leading Edge Blog.

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