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On 6 June, the Green Party issued a press release announcing a key platform in their campaign for the September 2014 General Election. “Green Party to decriminalise abortion,” asserted the headline.

A few hours later, in an unprecedented move, the Family Planning Association of New Zealand and the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand co-authored a press release praising the Green Party for their decision to campaign on decriminalizing abortion

ProLife NZ responded, “the Green Party  appears to have aligned itself with the ALRANZ, the extremist abortion lobby group headed by American abortion activist Morgan Healey

But the Green Party has not merely aligned themselves with the extreme pro-abortion position taken by ALRANZ. In fact, ALRANZ wrote the policy.

In a Facebook status written on 5 June, Green Party candidate for for Clutha-Southland Rachael Goldsmith stated that she had written the Green Party’s new abortion policy.

Rachael Goldsmith abortion policy

Goldsmith signed up as a member of the pro-abortion lobby group ALRANZ in July 2012 after reading late-term abortionist Margaret Sparrow’s book, “Abortion Then & Now.”

On her bio page on the Green Party website, Goldsmith states that she is not only a member – but a spokeswoman for ALRANZ.

Goldsmith’s colleague Jan Logie is a current Green Party Member of Parliament. Logie is the party spokesperson for women’s issues. And like Goldsmith, Jan Logie has worked with ALRANZ. On her bio on the Green Party website, Logie lists ALRANZ as one of her “community connections.”

Note that Jan Logie authored the press release announcing the Green Party’s new policy.

So let’s be clear. The Green Party’s new abortion policy… is not the Green Party’s policy. It is a policy written by a leader of ALRANZ. And the party’s press release announcing the policy was penned by a friend of ALRANZ.

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We have set-up a mini-site to keep people up-to-date on the NZ Green Part’s extreme abortion policy – click here to check it out.

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