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This was posted in the Dominion Post the other day.

I had  a couple of thoughts after reading it.

1. A human’s value is not based on the method of their conception (we don’t tend to treat people worse because they were the product of rape – why cloning?). The article seemed to focus more on method of conception than what has been conceived.

2. Are scientific advancement and relieving suffering good things? More information needed to answer that question. Not if humans get killed to treat others (eg harvesting organs from someone against their will). Is it a different story with embryos? Only if they’re not human – THAT  is the real question to ask, before asking whether we can use embryos as fodder to make scientific advancements. It is not an irrelevant question and if someone said it was, I would want to know whether they thought animals should be experimented on in any way any scientist in the world wants to. They might answer with some reason why not – if that happens it means they believe there can exist reasons for not experimenting! Which is exactly what I’m suggesting for embryos – at least someone might entertain the idea now.

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