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Aboriton agenda New Zealand

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Yesterday the Otago Daily Times ran a story about a new report that has just been released by United Nations Women (the ‘United Nations organization that describes itself as the ‘entity for gender equality and empowerment of women’). The report canvassed 22 developed nations about subjects such as domestic violence and maternal mortality – in regards to NZ, the report suggests that we rank either near, or at the bottom in both of these areas.

Okay, so there’s no doubting that NZ certainly has some serious social issues that require a full and frank confrontation at the highest levels in this country, and this report identified some of these issues.

But why is it that this same report also included the following finding:

‘New Zealand, Ireland and Spain were the only three countries that did not allow abortion for economic or social reasons. Six countries, including New Zealand, did not allow abortion on request.’

I’m confused.

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China, and why is it reported as if it is someone a serious social failing that needs to be remedied?

We already know from various research and reports in the last two years that reductions in maternal mortality are associated with greater restrictions on abortion, so why would a report which highlights maternal mortality be touting liberal abortion laws as a solution to that problem?

And why would liberal abortions laws do anything to resolve the heinous abuse of women that takes place in many homes around this country?

This whole thing reeks of much of what we have come to expect from the UN in recent years, where genuine women’s issues have been hijacked by militant pro-abortion lobbyists who have an unabashed agenda to enforce their liberal abortion law designs on countries around the globe.

I predict that it won’t take long for pro-abortion pressure groups in this country to start quoting this report in support of their designs for more liberal abortion laws in this country.

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