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The world has been shocked at the recent news from Nigeria when over 300 school girls were kidnapped from their boarding school to be forced into marriages. The news is horrific and touches home to all. And, if the viral posts about it on social media are anything to go by, an almost equal horror was generally expressed because, “no-one is talking about this”.

For sure the terrible crime was not publicised as much as many stories hence social media took up the cry calling on, I’m not exactly sure who, to #bringbackourgirls.

It is difficult from this side of the world to know how to deal with horrible news like this. Truly there is very little of a practical nature that one can do to quell the gnawing sense of guilt on many of our consciences. How can I sit safe when such a terror has occurred? And raising awareness of the plight of the girls is reflective, no doubt, of the admirable sentiment, a sense that there is a need to do something about it.

In many countries in the world girls are aborted or killed after birth simply because they are girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls might be missing due to this gendercide. While in New Zealand the problem of sexism through sex-selection is not as apparent it is a very real possibility. When an MP over the Tasman proposes that a state parliament question whether Australians should allow sex-selective abortions his proposals are labeled as “radical” and a “bombshell”. It is not radical. The extreme sexism that is sex-selective abortion should be prompting all of us to cry #bringbackourunborngirls and taking active steps in our community to stop such a thing occurring. We can do more than a hashtag to help our girls in our nation.

If you believe that the unborn is a human person, and I am speaking to those of you who do, you should carry the cry relentlessly. A hashtag cannot save those girls in Nigeria, but there are practical ways that we can make a difference in the lives of the people around us.

Where are those 200 million missing girls? Where is our generation? Where is the social media outcry about them?

This is an issue that we can take beyond social media. This is an issue which we can provide actual, practical help. You and I, we can help #saveourunborngirls we can #saveourgeneration.

According to one study 64% of women feel coerced to “choose” abortion. So many choose abortion because they feel they have “no other choice”.

Recently ProLife Auckland spent a day volunteering at the U Choose Pregnancy Centre in Auckland – the team there regularly need volunteers to help out at the centre (get in contact with us if you are interested in volunteering at U Choose)

Let’s lead by example, by the people you see around you. You may not be a councilor, a psychologist or an employer, but you can be a friend, you can help you with meals, baby sitting or even a place to stay.

If you are prolife but people would only know it by your activity on social media and your hashtag choice then #youredoingitwrong. Here in New Zealand there is so much we could be doing to help women in crisis pregnancies and to help save our generation.

Shoot us an email, or drop us a message on fb. Let’s talk about this. #bringbackourgeneration #bringbackourgirls. Unlike the crime occurring in Nigeria, you and I can do something about this. I hope that you do not remain silent.

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