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Remember this?:

“Giving girls and women the emergency contraceptive pill for free may have reduced the number of abortions performed by the Auckland District Health Board, officials suggest.”

A board paper by a planning and funding manager, Wendy Hoskin, indicates it may have affected the number of terminations performed at the board’s Epsom Day Unit, the region’s main abortion provider.

“When reviewing the statistics on termination of pregnancy, there has been a 13 per cent reduction in the numbers undertaken over the [October-December] period,” she says. “There could be a variety of reasons for the reduction, however early results show a positive trend.”

It comes from a NZ Herald story publiched last March.

You might also remember that we published a blog post at that same time which challenged the assertions made in that article – we basically stated that this was nothing more than PR spin from the DHB to try and justify the use of public funds on a technique that has been already been proven to be useless at reducing crisis-pregnancies and abortions.

You might also remember that in March this year Family Life International issued a press release about yet another study from the UK showing that the morning-after pill does not reduce crisis pregnancy or abortion rates.

As far as we can ascertain, that study was never even reported on in the NZ media.

Well, on the weekend, the NZ Herald ran this story

“…the full analysis has now concluded that while there was a “downward trend in terminations” the changes were not big enough to be considered statistically significant.”

And the hopeful news is this part of the article:

“Board officials urged the community and public health advisory committee to support making the pill free permanently.

But the chief planning and funding officer, Denis Jury, said yesterday the board would instead “consider a range of options to address the broader issue of teenage pregnancies”.

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