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Press release from Family Life International on Auckland DHB looking to cease funding of free morning-after pill scheme.

Monday 5 July, 2010

Family Life International NZ is pleased to hear that the Auckland DHB is no longer so focussed on committing public money to funding the free morning-after pill scheme.

“International research has shown that free morning-after pill campaigns are completely ineffective at reducing either teenage pregnancy rates, or abortion rates, and so any further spending on the Auckland scheme would be wasting public money that could be better spent on more pressing health needs” says Family Life International media spokesperson Brendan Malone.

“At the time that the DHB announced that it was going to be spending $300,000 in public funds on this scheme, Family Life International publicly stated that such a move was a pointless waste of money, and now the DHB’s own statistical analysis of abortion rates in their region has shown this to be correct” says Brendan Malone.

“Family Life International was very clear in its initial response to the Auckland morning-after pill trial that the best and most comprehensive international research shows that increased availability and access to the morning-after pill does absolutely nothing to reduce rates of abortion and teenage pregnancy.”

“It’s a shame that more careful attention wasn’t paid to this widely available research before $300,000 was wasted on this trial” says Brendan Malone.


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