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There’s an ad that’s been around a while (seen it at a few bus stops). You might have seen it:


I sometimes think of an imaginary conversation I might have when I see these ads with one of the guys.

(Me) “Are you against violence towards just women? What about teenage girls?”

(Them) “Oh yeah I’m against violence towards teenage girls too.”

(Me) “What about violence towards primary-school-aged girls?”

(Them) “Yes, yes. All females, really.”

(Me) “Even if the violence is done to them by their own family? Does that make a difference?”

(Them) “Of course not.It doesn’t matter who does the violence – I’d be against it.”

(Me) “What if the child isn’t very developed? Say, they can’t walk or speak yet?'”

(Them) “Babies are totally defenceless. They should be protected even more.”

(Me) “Including mothers smoking cigarettes while pregnant…”

(Them) “Oh yeah. That should be illegal.”

(Me) “Ah…so let me recap:

-you’re against violence towards all ages of human females,

-it’s irrelevant whether a young girl can do ‘adult’ stuff

-it’s irrelevant who does the violence to them (even if it’s their own mother)

-you’d even go so far as to say that smoking cigarettes while pregnant should be illegal…”

(Them) “Correct.”

(Me) “And where do you stand on abortion? Is it not the most amount of violence being done towards young females today? Aren’t you against violence towards all females, or is it a just a subset?”

(Them) “…

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