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During the 1970’s the widespread introduction of ultrasound in the area of obstetrics led to a heating of the debate among ‘pro-life’ and ‘pro-abortion’ groups about the ethical and moral issues surrounding abortion, as it was used to visually highlight the level of development of foetuses at early stages of pregnancy.

This technology was grasped by ‘pro-life’ groups, including the distribution of the video The Silent Scream consisting of an ultrasound taken during an abortion at 11 weeks gestation. While quite benign compared to videos of terminations that have been released since, this video led to intense debate during the time, in some cases swaying the opinions of those on both sides of the issue .

A few years back,  the introduction of 4D ultrasound into the mainstream enabled a real-time 3D view of a foetus. This provided society with further evidence of the advanced development of the foetus early in pregnancy.

Just recently medical technology manufacturer General Electric has produced amazing new ultrasound imaging technology which provides an even more detailed and realistic view of life inside the womb. This technology, which has been branded HDlive, combines the technology that brought us 4D ultrasound with improved post processing rendering, delivering an amazingly clear image. It achieves this by a new advanced illumination model and advanced skin rendering techniques.

Technical jargon aside, the results speak for themselves and are extraordinary. Below is a preview video of this new technology that we picked up from – we are sure you will be seeing more on this soon.

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