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Several years ago my wife got me a humorous birthday card with a photo of an old man pointing at an island and saying ‘that bit over there is called the sticky-outty-bit’. Underneath was the statement: ‘the older you get, the better you get at making crap up.’

I thought of that card yesterday when I read the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ) press release about the latest abortion statistics, which brought the welcome news of yet another significant decline in the NZ abortion rate last year.

The ALRANZ press release tried hard to distract attention away from the fact that this was good news, by fudging the issues with support for the new Green Party abortion policy.

Then American abortion activist, and head of ALRANZ, Morgan Healey also made a rather interesting claim: the statistics highlight yet again that we actually have no hard data on why the rate is falling…”

To the trained observer this is clearly little more than an attempt to try and create public doubt and distract attention away from the blindingly obvious fact that more and more NZ women are rejecting abortion (and this trend has been going on for almost ten years now).

That’s not the really interesting part about this statement, however – what’s really interesting is that this is the complete opposite of what ALRANZ were saying just a year ago, when they claimed to know the reason for this decline in the abortion rate.

When the abortion statistics were released last year, Morgan Healey was claiming that the drop in the NZ abortion rate was actually caused by greater uptake of long-acting reversible chemical contraceptive implants (or ‘LARCs’).

So which Morgan Healey is telling the truth?

The one who claimed that chemical contraceptives were responsible for the falling abortion rate (a claim that is easily refuted by the evidence, by the way)?

Or the Morgan Healey who is now claiming that we don’t actually know what is causing this decline in the NZ abortion rate?

Remember, this is the very same organisation that was intimately involved in drafting the extreme Green Party abortion policy, and yet here they are claiming that they don’t even properly understand what is currently going on with the practice of abortion in New Zealand.

I would suggest that this is hardly the voice our politicians would want to be taking seriously on this matter.

Cross-posted from Brendan Malone at The Leading Edge Blog.

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