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Yesterday I blogged about the troubling case of a NZ doctor who carried out illegal abortions and then falsified patient medical records to hide her crimes.

This serious and illegal act of medical misconduct placed patients at great risk, and resulted in serious harm to one of them when an ectopic pregnancy ruptured and she had to have her fallopian tube removed.

Yet, in a truly astounding move, the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ) have publicly sided with and endorsed the actions of this doctor.

On Friday they posted a link to the NZ Herald article abut this incident along with the following statement on their Facebook page:

“Desperate women seeking abortion and doctor who assisted found guilty of misconduct – why? Because of NZ’s antiquated and harmful abortion laws… Access is an ongoing issue, particularly for rural women. Time NZ Gov’t did something about it!”

No mention of the serious harm that this doctor’s illegal actions caused to one of her female patients, or the serious risk that the other female patients were exposed to because of the doctor’s misconduct.

Effectively what we have here is ALRANZ endorsing illegal backstreet abortions.

According to this statement, they also want this sort of dangerous practice to become the legal norm in New Zealand!

I also note that this rather unbelievable statement has been liked by Rachael Goldsmith, which I am assuming is none other than Green Party candidate Rachael Goldsmith, who recently indicated to me in a conversation that she was one of the architects of the new Green Party policy on abortion.

So, next time ALRANZ try to attack pro-lifers with the spurious claim that they don’t care about the wellbeing of NZ women, this public endorsement from them of an illegal act which seriously harmed one female and placed several others at risk, will stand as a rather stark warning about their hypocrisy when it comes to their supposed commitment to New Zealand women.

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