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Don't talk about abortion

This past week has seen the issue of abortion back in the NZ media spotlight.

Firstly there was the story about the stall at the Canterbury A&P Show which presented scientific facts about human development in the womb. The stall included 12 week old fetal models, which were hugely popular with a lot of children, many taking them home with them as prizes for guessing correctly in a timeline game about the stages of human development in the womb.

A media storm-in-a-teacup was started when one pro-choice parent got a couple of her friends together to start making emotionally charged comments and allegations on the Facebook page of Voice for Life Canterbury, the group running the stall at the A&P Show. Within 24 hours one of these women had contacted a Facebook friend of hers who is a journalist at the NZ Herald, and he in turn used his position at that newspaper to produce a biased and factually deficient article. Then came the predictable hue and cry about how inappropriate it was for children to be exposed to the science of human development.

The group who ran this stall never talked about abortion or morality with the children who visited their hugely popular stand at the A&P Show, instead all they did was present them with scientific facts about human life before birth.

It is VERY telling that merely presenting accurate facts about life in the womb could provoke such a vocal and vociferous reaction from the general populace.

But why should such an anti-science mentality pervade so many people’s thinking? Why should the truth about human development and life in the womb cause such a reaction?

Ah, that’s right, it’s because these scientific facts pose a rather inconvenient truth to the conscience of a culture that wants to pretend that abortion is nothing more than the removal of some pre-human clump of cells.

It’s pretty hard to maintain such a farcical deception when the scientific truth is on full display at such a public event as an A&P Show.

This same denial of reality took place in another piece of abortion-related media coverage this week in an article published by Radio New Zealand titled ‘The issue that won’t go away.

Just listen to these mental gymnastics from an Anglican vicar who was interviewed for that article:

While [the Reverend Douglas-Huriwai] believes that the unborn child has its own wairua, or ‘spirit’, right from conception, abortion isn’t murder.

“I believe for something to be murdered, it must first be living as an independent being. My belief in the duality of life, that is to say Ira Atua (the spiritual aspect) and Ira Tangata (the human aspect) allows me to hold this view. It is a view directly informed by my faith as a Christian. So while I am pro-life, I am also pro-choice.”

I would humbly suggest that someone who holds such a view is not actually pro-life, instead they are only pro SOME lives, while other more vulnerable human beings are totally expendable according to this worldview. I also can’t help but sense that not much time has been taken to reflect on that famous passage from the Gospel of Matthew where Jesus warns: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

Should I also point out the logical flaws in suggesting that murder is only murder if you kill entities that live as independent beings? If this is truly the case, then no human being has been murdered EVER, because no human being can actually live without dependance on things outside of itself for its continued viability. Every single person on this planet has a total dependency upon the earth’s atmosphere for their existence – without it none of us can survive. So, if we were to apply the same ethical notions presented in this article, it would be perfectly permissible to kill any one of us.

I wonder if this same way of valuing human life extends to other vulnerable human beings in NZ, like very young children or those persons with certain disabilities which leave them more dependent on others?

Then there was this tragic section of the Radio New Zealand article:

“One of the reasons abortion activists want to have more discussion is to make it easier for women who have had terminations to grieve. Nicki Whyte, 29, already had a child when she had an abortion, and says people often aren’t permitted to have feelings about the choice to end a pregnancy, such as grief, without it being named as regret.

“The two are very different. I felt strange afterward, like there was no precedent for my sadness… I decided I was just sending that possible child back to the pool of possible children, ready to head out to someone else who actually wanted them.”

Here is a post-abortive woman admitting that her abortion caused her “sadness” and “grief”, yet at the same time we refuse to accept the cold hard truth of what this actually means. People don’t grieve over cells that aren’t innocent living human beings, if they did every tooth extraction, mole removal or contracepted orgasm would be a source of profound human sorrow.

Another confronting abortion story from the Radio New Zealand article was this one (emphasis added):

At 20 weeks and two days, Katherine was well into her second trimester – she had one day until the legal cut off to have an abortion in New Zealand. A counsellor at Wellington Hospital told her that there wasn’t anything that could be done for her.

But after raising money from friends and family, and finally turning to social media (a plea on Tumblr, which spread throughout Facebook and Twitter), she managed to drum up $7000 dollars for flights to Melbourne, accommodation, and a procedure at one of the only clinics in Australasia that performs abortions up to 24 weeks. She managed to get the money together two days before flying out.”

What you have just read about was a fundraising effort that resulted in the killing of a human being that was slightly older than this:

The reason this issue simply refuses to go away is because of the reality of what abortion truly is.

We have tried our hardest to justify this act with all sorts of logically flawed slogans and rhetoric, yet here we are, decades later, still using the same tired old sophistry to try and deny a reality that is becoming harder and harder to ignore with each passing year.

Abortion kills innocent human beings, and deep down I think we all know that fact, which is why this issue won’t ever go away, and also why we try so hard to suppress anything which would remind us of this horrifying truth.

Cross-posted from Brendan Malone at the Leading Edge blog.

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