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I always enjoy reading a passionate but well reasoned argument, and this one discusses some excellent pro-life thoughts to pro-choice arguments. Definitely something worth a read and a ponder! Cross posted from here.





I’ve been reading articles lately on the subject of abortion, gathering information at leisure and trying to understand both sides. I’ve spent considerable time weighing the factors, only to draw the conclusion with which I started: Abortion is irresponsible, reprehensible and wrong.

Rather than writing a normal article, however, which outlines my viewpoints, I’ve decided to answer some of the common arguments that pro-choice individuals often pose about abortion. I’ve heard them all, as I’m sure most pro-life individuals have, so here are my answers to those who advocate abortion:

1. We can’t make abortion illegal! Then women will have to obtain illegal ‘back alley’ abortions!

Women will have to do no such thing. Does this mean that we should make murder legal because people are going to do it anyway? Does it mean that we shouldn’t have laws against speeding, stealing, driving drunk and prostitution? This is, in my opinion, the most back-door argument that one could propose to advocate abortion. Pro-choicers are really reaching with this one. Not only is it illogical, but it can’t be applied to any other law.

2. Abortion is a form of population control.

If you want to approach abortion from an economic standpoint, please remember that each abortion is another taxpayer who will never be able to contribute to the economy. Remember that in China, abortions are forced, and women don’t get a choice at all. It seems heartless and – forgive me – ignorant to propose the killing of unborn children as a way to improve America’s economic status. Perhaps women who cannot care for their children should simply not open the door to pregnancy through sex.

3. Only fundamentalist Christians are pro-life. This shouldn’t be a religious debate.

You can take almost any political or social issue and add a religious slant. I don’t advocate a society in which all people are forced to uphold the beliefs of one religion, but I do advocate a moralistic society. I believe that people – both men and women – should be expected to take responsibility for their actions. If a woman doesn’t want to have a child, she shouldn’t have sex, or she should take proper precautions with the understanding that sometimes those precautions don’t work. It has nothing to do with God or religion or the separation of church and state; it has to do with a lack of moralistic integrity and responsible living.

4. Women should be allowed to make a choice concerning their own bodies.

I agree. Wholeheartedly. Every morning when I wake up, I make a choice to get dressed and go to work, accepting responsibility for everything that I do on a given day. But do I get to choose to drink a fifth of Vodka on my way out the door? Sure, but I also accept the responsibility for anyone I might injure and for the jail time I will most likely serve for driving drunk. We only get to make choices based on what only affects ourselves. Driving drunk affects everyone else on the road, and abortion affects the mother, the father and the unborn child. Why should the father of a baby and the child itself pay for a woman’s inability to take responsibility for her actions?

5. A child isn’t a life until it exits the mother’s body.

How do you know? Seriously, I don’t understand why we get to pass judgment on the time at which life becomes viable! There is no way to know when a child becomes conscious of his or her own life, or even when a child begins to feel pressure, pain and pleasure in the mother’s body. However, I do know that the life inside of a mother is a living entity with the potential to be a doctor, a lawyer or a postal worker. How many expecting mothers say that they can feel their child kick? Or know they are pregnant before the results come back? Life is precious, and we so callously strip it away.

6. You can’t oppose abortion unless you are willing to provide financially for the child’s life.

This is utterly ridiculous, but I’ll address it anyway. Let’s say that we said no one had a right to oppose slavery unless we were willing to provide homes for them? Or that we have no right to oppose pollution unless we are willing to pay for the government’s anti-pollution tactics? You can’t have it both ways. Further, let’s say that you grew up in a poor community, without Nike tennis shoes or your own bedroom to sleep in. Does that mean you wish you had never been born?

7. How can you oppose abortion, but support capital punishment?

This is a frequent liberal argument, because Republicans and Democrats are separated on these issues. Personally, I oppose both abortion and capital punishment, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that I’m a true-blooded conservative. Let’s talk about the differences between abortion and capital punishment. For abortion, the life of an innocent child is stripped. With capital punishment, it is the life of a person whose peers have found guilty of unspeakable crime. Now, please tell me, how are the two related?

8. Children who aren’t aborted might be abused or neglected later in life.

Again, this is extremely faulty logic. We’re supposed to allow one evil in order to prevent another that might never take place? Most people know at least one person in their lives who was abused during childhood. Take a moment to ask that person if he or she would rather never have been born. Further, why aren’t we taking a proactive approach in both instances? Abortion should be illegal, and child abuse already is. So let’s spend our energy fighting child abuse rather than supporting the murder of innocent lives.

9. What if the mother was raped? Shouldn’t she be allowed to do away with the product of that crime?

I can’t imagine the pain, heartache and suffering of a woman whose rights have been so unspeakably violated as to be the victim of a rape. In fact, no one can understand her plight unless they have been through it themselves, I’m sure you’d agree. However, why are we punishing a life that wasn’t even there at the time of the crime itself? Would you advocate the jailing of a daughter for the crimes her mother committed? Obviously not.

10. Adoption is a ridiculous option. There aren’t enough couples waiting to adopt children!

My wife and I have adopted two children – neither infants – and have been waiting two years for an infant. If there aren’t enough parents to take care of unwanted children, then why have we been on the waiting list for this long? Adoption isn’t chosen because women want a quick solution with the least amount of pain. Why go through the physical stress of childbirth when she can just go to sleep and have the problem whisked away? Again, we’re talking about responsibility here. Abortion is a selfish decision.

There are, of course, other arguments for abortion, all of which I would answer if asked. It seems to me that the question isn’t, “What are the answers?” but “Why aren’t we listening?”

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