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Cross-posted from Brendan Malone at The Leading Edge Blog.

Yesterday a group calling themselves My Decision launched a new website aimed at naming and shaming any NZ doctors (and crisis pregnancy centres) who exercise their legal right to freedom of conscience by not participating in abortion referrals.

There’s just one problem – when I did a background check into this website I discovered that is actually nothing more than a front website that is being deceptively operated by the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ) to target NZ doctors who don’t share their political and ideological views.

A simple domain registration check revealed that the website is officially owned by ALRANZ and registered to their post office box.

Yet nowhere on is this stated, and neither is it included in yesterday’s official press release announcing the launch of this new website.

Instead, the press release contained the blatantly misleading claim that My Decision is a “new grassroots project” – clearly implying that this is some new and independent group that has sprung up when in actual fact it is the ideological equivalent of a shell corporation that has been created by ALRANZ to attack medical professionals and crisis pregnancy centres who offer women alternatives to abortion.

I wonder if Family Planning NZ approves of, or is also participating in this calculated deception of the NZ public? I ask because they are specifically named and linked to on the ‘Resources’ page of this new ALRANZ website.

The extremely concerning thing is that not only does this website target medical practitioners and crisis pregnancy centres, exposing them to intimidation, violence, vandalism, etc, from spiteful pro-choice activists, but it also targets the women who have previously used these providers and chosen not to have abortions. The clear implication is that these women weren’t actually intelligent and empowered women making their own decisions, but instead they were weaklings who were exploited and manipulated.

And the problems with this new Internet deception don’t end there for ALRANZ – this also exposes them as an organisation riddled with grave hypocrisy.

Just last year they published several blog posts that strongly condemned a group of Southland pro-lifers who had requested that their local DHB release the details of practitioners who were participating in abortions in their local area so that pro-life people had the option to use alternative providers (who did not carry out abortions) if they so desired.

ALRANZ called this “bullying” and “intimidation”, and they were vehement and did not hold anything back in their condemnation of the proposal to publicise the names of NZ medical practitioners who carried out abortions.

And earlier this year, in an ‘open letter to New Zealand abortion providers’, they made the following declaration (emphasis added): “We honor your bravery; bearing the brunt of anti-choice bullying, threats and spurious attempts to make clinic/medical [abortion] providers into villains.”

Yet, just months later, and ALRANZ are now engaging in these very same tactics themselves.

In fact, what ALRANZ is doing here is actually far worse than simply requesting that the names of abortionists be publicised, instead they have set up a website where people can make anonymous allegations against any medical practitioner or crisis pregnancy service without any acceptable standard of proof, or any basic natural justice protections for those New Zealanders who are being publicly accused on this website.

What ALRANZ is doing here is highly unethical and almost certainly leaves them open to serious legal ramifications whenever false allegations are made on their new website – something that is inevitable given the nature of this site.

Which is probably why they have made the calculated decision to deliberately hide their involvement in this new attempt to target NZ medical practitioners and crisis pregnancy centres who exercise their LEGAL right to not refer for abortions.

When you add this worrying new tactic from ALRANZ to their previous silence about a deceptive URL that mimics a NZ pro-life organisation to send traffic to the ALRANZ website instead, a very troubling pattern of an unscrupulous organisation that is lacking in basic standards of decency is starting to emerge.

This also puts paid to the claim that ALRANZ is a pro-choice organisation – they are clearly pro abortion if they are this dedicated to attacking medical practitioners and others simply for exercising their freedom of choice and choosing alternatives to abortion.

Just remember, this is the same organisation that wrote the new NZ Green Party abortion policy.

If they are this willing to mislead New Zealanders, or to say nothing while others perpetrate deception in their name, then how much of the new Green Party abortion policy is also tainted with this very same propensity for falsehood and deception of the NZ public?

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