Staying Alive pro-life training workshop 2010

Stayin’ Alive is an annual Pro-life workshop which trains youth to be actively Pro-life. The 2010 workshop was held on 26 and 27 November.

Over a two-day period, young people develop skills in pro-life apologetics and organizing that they can then use in New Zealand’s pro-life movement.

During shared meals and group problem solving, young people actively participate in networking and are challenged by issues and problems that Pro-lifers face.


Previous workshop presenters have included:

Sargia Harrison

She believe abortion takes innocent life, and that the number of abortions currently taking place in NZ is totally unacceptable. During the last 18 months she has helped out with local university Clubs Days, Days of Silent Solidarity, the A&P Show and March for Life (Christchurch) and she spoke about ways that young New Zealanders can get more involved in spreading the pro-life message.

Brendan Malone

Brendan works in media and education. He is based in Christchurch, and regularly appears in the New Zealand media interviews and opinion columns to present the pro-life perspective on important issues related to human persons and their fundamental right to life. Brendan spoke on “why we believe what we believe”, giving an overview of the arguments against abortion.


Lydia is currently working towards a degree in Political Science at the University of Canterbury. She is the President of Prolife Canterbury, a branch of Prolife NZ which is based at the University. The team there are committed to spreading the word whenever and wherever possible, and have events planned for each university year that they can involve their members in.

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