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Dear friends,

If you’ve been a long time follower, supporter or member of Prolife NZ you’ll know that we very rarely, if ever, ask for financial support like this, but recent developments mean that we need your help to keep spreading the pro-life message.

After years of working hard to promote the culture of life on university campuses all round NZ, we are now starting to run desperately low on resources we need to keep carrying out this vital work.

Earlier this year we established a brand new Prolife NZ club at the Massey-Albany campus in Auckland, and we need to find funds to supply them with basic promotional materials, banners, etc. that they can use in their day-to-day engagement with students there.

The rest of our clubs around the country are also running desperately low on our printed outreach materials so we need to fund several large printing runs of our existing pro-life flyers to meet this need.

We also have another national campaign coming up next year, and this will require us to print several thousand brand new flyers to be distributed in lecture theatres all round the country as part of that campaign.

Last, but definitely not least, we need to find funding for the ongoing costs associated with our website and social media work. If you’ve been a regular follower of Prolife NZ you’ll know how effective this tool has been for us, and how important it was in promoting the culture of life in the lead up to this year’s NZ election.

We’ve done the maths, and according to our calculations, we need to raise approximately $3500 to allow us to keep defending life on NZ campuses.

This is where we need your help.

Any contribution that you can make to this fundraising target – no matter how small you think it might be – will be a massive help to our pro-life outreach efforts.

We don’t pour money into professional fundraising, so every cent that you donate will go directly towards funding the important work of Prolife NZ on university campuses around New Zealand.

Contributions can be made directly into our account via Internet banking at the following details:

ProLife NZ

Thank you in advance for your generous support of our efforts in defence of human life and dignity at New Zealand universities!

The team at ProLife NZ

PS If you would like to make an anonymous donation that is great, but if you are OK with it, when you make a donation please send us a quick email to or contact us here to let us know you have donated – we can then privately thank you personally for your support which we really like doing!

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