Pregnancy Counselling and Support

Adoption Information
Post Abortion Counselling

Feel scared, overwhelmed, worried, at risk or unsure what to do during your pregnancy?
The phone numbers below will put you through to someone who understands what you are going through and can help. They are free and completely confidential. Remember, you’re pregnant, but you’re not alone.

Pregnancy Counselling Services

Pregnancy Counselling Services are here to help, to listen and to support you. There is a caring trained Pregnancy Counsellor at the other end of the the phone every hour of every day 24/7 and they are available to meet with you face to face.  The service is strictly confidential.

Nationwide toll free 24/7

0800 773 462 (0800 PREGNANT)
021 289 8727 (021 2 TXT PCS)

North Island:

Auckland: 09 307 6745             Gisborne: 06 867 0227             Hamilton: 07 855 5779           Hawkes Bay: 06 878 7379

Tauranga: 07 577 6880            Wanganui: 06 348 0008         Wellington:04 383 5524

South Island:

Christchurch: 03 338 3057       Dunedin: 03 479 0407              Nelson: 03 546 9191              Timaru: 03 684 8416

Bethlehem House Pregnancy Centre

At Bethlehem House Pregnancy Centre our caring team can help and support you. If you are facing a crisis pregnancy, or you feel that you are at risk during your pregnancy or if you have had an abortion and you are struggling with feelings of loneliness and loss then we can provide you with a safe, caring, supportive and completely confidential environment. Our help is provided free of charge and with no strings attached.

Call free day – day or night

0800 367 5433 (0800 FOR LIFE)

0800 U Choose Pregnancy Options & Help

0800 U Choose are based in Auckland and provide help and support for women facing a crisis pregnancy. This includes anything from a listening ear/someone to talk to a place to stay, practical teaching on baby care, financial help, teaching about pregnancy birth and after, care for your baby (whatever way you choose), going to appointments with you, linking with a midwife, linking with budgeting services and real love and support.

If you are based out of Auckland, they can put you in contact with families in other regions who are happy to help too.
They are also happy to send you a free unexpected pregnancy pack with more info about abortion, care, adoption (including a DVD) and other peoples stories. They can make this pack up according to your needs.

Call – toll free 

0800 8246 673 (0800 U CHOOSE)

021 293 6687 – txts welcome

(09) 292 5059

0508 HERE 4 U Pregnancy Centre

0508 HERE 4 U Pregnancy Centre is a Christchurch pregnancy centre that offers support and care to any woman facing an unplanned or crisis-pregnancy – a listening ear and practical support as you navigate what can be an extremely difficult and emotionally demanding situation.

Their caring team is ready to provide support and someone to talk to, and their help is free and totally confidential.

If you live in Christchurch and you, or someone you know and love is facing an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, then please call them. They are always available to listen and to talk through the issues you are facing.

The 0508 HERE 4 U Pregnancy Centre is run by a team committed to helping any woman, couple or family who is alone, scared or uncertain about their pregnancy.

Call – toll free 

0508 437 348 (0508 HERE 4 U)

0508 HERE 4 U Pregnancy Centre – Facebook page

Do you feel that you are not in a position to parent your child?
The services below provide essential information on adoption and how it can be a positive option for women facing a crisis pregnancy.

Adoption Option

Adoption Option’s aim is to help pregnant women understand that adoption can be a positive option if a woman is not in a position to parent her child. Another part of Adoption Option’s education role is explaining to prospective adoptive parents and health professionals how the adoption process works in New Zealand and that open adoption is now the norm.

Adoption Option Trust
PO Box 13434
Christchurch 8141
New Zealand

Birth Mums Support Network

Choosing to place a baby for adoption is one of the most difficult decisions a mother could face.  It is essential that support is in place for anyone going through with an adoption plan. With this in mind “Birth Mum’s Support Network was formed (BMSN). BMSN are a mix of mature and young women who have placed babies for adoption. They are there to support anyone considering placing a baby, or who has already placed a baby for adoption.

Contact Birth Mums Support Network

Are your hurting after an abortion?
Visit the PATHS website or get in contact with Project Rachel below for further information and support.

Post Abortion Trauma Healing Services (PATHS)

PATHS provide trained, empathetic, non-judgemental counselling-support for women and men who have lost a preborn through abortion, either recent or in the past, offering facilitation through a proven 10 Step Programme.


03-379-7710 (answerphone)

Project Rachel

Project Rachel free and confidential couselling offers healing and hope to those grieving after abortion.

Call – toll free

0800 217 033