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Earlier today the NZ Green Party announced that they were going to be making the introduction of a new extreme abortion law one of their key policy planks for the upcoming election.

Make no mistake about it, this has been a long planned move that came from militant pro-abortion lobby groups outside of the Green Party – groups like the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ALRANZ), an organisation that is headed by an American abortion activist and which has been lobbying for abortion-up-to-birth for some time now.

Anyone watching today’s announcement would have seen the press releases from groups like ALRANZ, which were released in a well orchestrated campaign around the same time that the Greens were making public their desires to see an extreme new abortion law introduced in New Zealand.

Despite all this, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Green Party has just bitten off more than it can possibly chew, and it now risks alienating itself from mainstream New Zealanders – many of whom would have formerly voted for them, until they decided to promote this controversial legislation and place themselves firmly on the ideological fringes.

Let’s just consider what the Greens are promoting in their new extreme abortion policy:

  • Abortion on demand up to 20 weeks – that’s the abortion of babies that are at approximately this level of development, and at a stage when most mothers can feel them moving around inside their womb.
  • The more widespread use of early medical abortions, which the research clearly shows result in far more complications for women than surgical ones do.
  • They want NZ to adopt the extreme pro-abortion ideology which declares the aborting of an unborn human being to be a “human right” – something that not even the United Nations has endorsed.
  • They want to use the law to target crisis pregnancy centres, which offer women in need free practical and financial support, and counselling, that they don’t get elsewhere.
  • They want to deny NZ medical professionals the long-standing right to freedom of conscience, and force them to participate in a procedure that is both ethically highly controversial and which is mostly carried out for social reasons in this country.
  • They want to allow abortion-up-to-birth for unborn persons with disabilities, despite the, now laughable claim that they are also the party that is committed to “removing the barriers that prevent people with impairments participating fully in society.”

What makes this whole thing even more astounding is the fact that not only are the Greens now calling for the introduction of an extreme abortion law in New Zealand, but they have also completely overlooked one of the greatest flaws in our current abortion law – the lack of informed consent for women.

The Greens actually state, in their new policy, that one of the fundamental requirements for informed consent – mandatory counselling (about risks, alternatives, etc.) – will NOT be required under their policy. The ludicrous nature of this position is really something to behold (especially when you consider that they are claiming that their policy shows some sort of commitment to female wellbeing.)

And just consider the contradictory and confused nature of the reasoning that the Greens are claiming for producing this policy:

“The current laws reinforce abortion stigma, and are discriminatory towards people with disabilities.”

And yet this same policy also promotes abortion up to birth if you are an unborn person with a disability.

I seriously doubt the Greens are this stupid, and would instead suggest that this is little more than a hollow excuse to introduce an extreme abortion law into New Zealand under false pretences.

“We trust women to make decisions that are best for them and their whānau/family. We want to ensure equal access to all potential options is available to pregnant women.”

And yet their new policy does not require any form of mandatory counselling, which would be the only way to ensure that such options are presented to pregnant women, and that abortion providers can be kept accountable to this supposed commitment.

“Decriminalisation will also reduce the stigma and judgement that is often the result of the reason a woman chooses to have an abortion.”


Since when are NZ women stigmatised for abortion in this country?

Last year we had almost 15,000 abortions in New Zealand, a fact which makes an absolute mockery of the falsehood being promoted, by supporters of this extreme new abortion law, that NZ women currently have a severely restricted access to abortion under our  existing laws.

Like I said, I don’t think that the Greens have actually thought through their commitment to this extreme abortion law properly, and how it is going to hurt them at the polls.

Not only are they now going to have to work harder than ever before to convince mainstream New Zealanders that they are not a fringe party full of extreme ideologues, but they are also going to have to do this in an environment where many of their potential voters will be eying up the new Internet Party as a serious alternative.

I suspect that both David Cunliffe and John Key might be secretly smiling about the ground they will win back as a result of the Green’s newfound commitment to extreme abortion law.

Cross-posted from Brendan Malone at the Leading Edge Blog.

We have set-up a mini-site to keep people up to date on the NZ Green Party’s extreme abortion policy – click here to find out more or check out the section below.

Further information on the NZ Green Party’s plans for an extreme abortion law in New Zealand:

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  • Stacey

    Are you kidding, does this means if someone kills a new born they won’t get a murder penalty,This is sick . what about all the older disabled people should we murder them too, because there value is obviously lees than the average person!! some of the most sweetest people in the world are the disabled, what would happen to the world if we were not able to experience the likes of people different to us. i am pretty sure Hitler tried to get rid of the disabled as well as anyone that did not fit in to his square ..He was a monster…. if we vote for these guys we will be the same .

    • Rainbow

      I agree, while I don’t fully understand the politics or the detailed aims of the Green Party, I am hoping that it is not true. I am pro choice (to an extent) but I do not believe in forcing others to agree with my views. I cannot fathom how people in New Zealand can be okay with this. This is one of the most horrific ideals of a political party in New Zealand. So disappointed in anyone that cannot see what is wrong with this. 20 weeks, whether disabled or not, means that baby can feel, brain cells have developed, they have a spinal chord and nerves. Its one thing saying 12 weeks, but 20 weeks? disabled or not. That is murder.

  • Paul Bovis

    So a baby near full term can be euthanized because it has a disability with out murder being a criminal offense. Will the child be euthanized before abortion, or once it is removed and able to breath on it’s own? Anyone who has been in contact or lived alongside abortion for any reason will know the trauma it creates and the emotion left behind which is life long in it’s affects especially guilt. My mother had to have a child aborted because of a burst appendix and threatened both their lives, there was no hope for the baby being early in the pregnancy, yet my mother still in her 85th year pines that loss.

    Next will be old in-firmed people being compulsorily euthanized. We have a life span and for some it requires the pain that comes with it. Others have to experience the caring side of life. Others have to learn acceptance. We all have to learn to live in harmony no matter the stigma that today has seen installed in peoples minds about illness, deformity and other illnesses. Medicine is a good thing when used for what it was intended, to lessen the pain. However when it makes man God, then the extremes have to be looked at and judged as such which is legalised murder to save a burden on humanity.

    Babies are not a burden, children are mans hope for tomorrow, yet the mindset today is that children are a curse, not by all, but enough to make us stand in shame as a human being.

  • Anonymous

    “Since when are NZ women stigmatised for abortion in this country?”

    Since I can remember maybe?
    Pro-lifers have shunned abortion openly and aggressively, attempting to guilt-trip the general populace into feeling like they are doing a bad thing by aborting, regardless of their life circumstances.

    I think the new law on abortion is way overboard myself, but don’t pretend there’s no stigma against it.

    • Lyn

      The stigma is not there because of pro-life people. It is not stigma that makes women grieve over their abortions- it is the sad knowledge that abortion is permanent. It is the innate knowledge that they aborted their own child. The child might not be visible to anyone else, but it will stay in that woman’s heart forever.

      • Anon

        And that right there is why woman feel ashamed and there is a Stigma because of statements right there. When a woman chooses to have an abortion – people who throw comments out like that are only likely to increase whatever the woman may be feeling and only serves to be condescending and judgemental. I think this policy is ridiculous personally and I am pro choice but there is definently a stigma surrounding woman who have abortions.

        • reality

          Or perhaps its jsut realist…not a stigma. Women feel that way because they will NATURALLY feel that way even if no-one were to say a thing!

          • Mila

            I agree anon, I am don’t agree with the comments about abortion stigma in the article, but I think the Greens have gone way to far with this – I am really disturbed by this policy.

          • Jim

            Nope. Definitely a stigma thing. I have had a friend go through the rigours of an unplanned pregnancy. She knew from the get go that it wasn’t the right time. Neither was it good for her physically, mentally or financially. However she was deathly afraid of telling anyone. Because of judgemental people like you. She had no one to confide in and she suffered because of the lack of openness in this society. It was horrible to go through with her. And she was not at all free to make her own decisions.

  • michael

    Miriam, I’m not sure there is any point writing a comment as I am not convinced that you can read. Or even, if you can read, whether your head would just twist the words I write into something unfathomable from the original. Nonetheless, I shall. Can you read? Did you actually read what the green party actually said or was it told to you in a blur of lazy journalism, mis-quotes and paraphrasing, the same way you have approached it on your ‘blog’. I am to assume that, if you had a daughter who was raped and carrying a child from this rape but so scared and frightened and mentally fraught by the experience that she didn’t even tell anyone until the twelfth week, let alone abort the baby, if she fell into a 20th week of this nightmare, you would have the same opinion? Im not so sure you would. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened to you though has it? Quite easy to sit up on your pedestal when you haven’t got the faintest clue what people who this has happened to have had to go through. Having said this, I believe anyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, to blatantly just twist what the party have actually said into your own form of (and I use the word again) lazy, agit-prop ‘writing’ is completely unacceptable, especially on a topic that is so sensitive. You have the sensitivity of a rhino hide. My only suggestion before you continue to pollute the internet with your ill-informed ramblings is that you, perhaps once at least, take the time to think that maybe, sometimes your opinion isn’t just the only one that matters and that maybe relaying factual information might lead to more effective discussion and debate around the topics which are most sensitive within our society.

    • Taskies

      Hang on mate. This policy is being proposed. 15000 abortions happen in New Zealand each year. How many of those are from rape victims? I wouldn’t have even thought 1%. So ease up. She’s not being insensitive, she is writing for the audience, and even if the audience were women who have had abortions, it would still be a very small percentage who were aborting because of rape. Somethings cant be dealt with that sensitively – which can be seen in a woman choosing to kill her growing child, their own flesh and blood. My heart goes out to rape victims who are forced into a choice 🙁 choose life, even if you adopt your child. Please dont kill it, children are a blessing.

    • lucky

      For someone complaining about pedestals, you’re pretty high up on one there yourself. Just wondering how you have any insight yourself into the situation of carrying a child conceived of rape to term.

    • Kate

      Michael, I am really confused, almost all your rant is off topic and totally unrelated to this post?

      Probably save the juvenile (but still abusive) “you can’t read” personal attack for when you have read through the post thoroughly and come back with an actual response rather than the cut and paste tirade I see above.

    • Em

      The irony. A guy standing up for ‘women’s rights’ by abusing the fuck out of a girl because she doesn’t hold his viewpoint on something.

  • anonymous internet superhero

    Garbage article, bias is clear, reads more like a teenagers diary than an article. If you wanna be pro-life that’s cool. If you wanna be pro-choice, that’s cool too; but don’t make any decisions based on emotionally charged, out of context trash like this

  • rafnz

    Stop counting abortions by the year as it also diminishes the truth of this tragedy. Since official record were started late last century New Zealand is now closing in on 600,000 lives aborted in the womb. In the same time this world has already surpassed 1 Billion. Many many times more than death from all the wars and all the natural disasters in the history of mankind.

  • Max Dillon Coyle

    If only you pro-lifers had been aborted. The world might be a happier, more beautiful place, you’re clearly struggling with an immense hateful, metal disability.

    • Anonymous Anon

      > metal disability.

      I got that from too much headbanging to deathcore.

    • AJ

      This is possibly the most contradictory statement ever.

    • Hateful??

      Rather interesting that caring about the life of a child is a ‘immense hateful ‘mental’ disability’. I personally find it a real pity that there are so many people that stand up and tell others how it should be done, but are not prepared to help out themselves.

  • anon

    I am undecided about abortion to be completely honest. On the one hand, I support it because it is killing children. On the other, it gives women a choice.

  • NikB

    I’m not sure anyone will read this but i’m going to make some points here
    : abortion is never OK
    : If you re going to have sex be prepared to make a baby, even on accident.
    : the baby didn’t ask to be made but it was and it’s a life, so don’t kill it because you are selfish, if you don’t want it ADOPT it out, do you know how many people can’t have children and would love to have someones unwanted one

    I would also like to mention that they can mis-diagnoise babies with disabilities and the baby was totally fine, no test is 100%. babies with down syndrome are beautiful people and alot kinder and loving than most.

    How would you feel if you knew you could have been aborted for the selfish reasons of your parents when there were other options, what about looking at the children you may have and imagine them not existing. it is so sad people kill because they aren’t ‘ready’ to have a baby. or they don’t have enough ‘money’. each life is precious even the ones that are deemed ‘perfect’

    you do know this is just the governments way of saving money, if you don’t have a disabled child they don’t have to support it in anyway for his/her whole life. wake up people, the govt. don’t care about you struggling with raising a child you aren’t ‘ready’ for, they care about MONEY!!

  • Too many people

    Quite aside from all the rhetoric, humans aren’t exactly in danger of extinction. On the contrary, we have reached epidemic proportions as a planetary threat. A reduction in the total number of births is probably a good thing, and the reduction in unplanned and/or unviable births even better.

  • Dan

    My Wife and I were told at 5 1/2 months pregnant that the child she carry’s has a Heart condition at is not fixable, there is a very real chance the child will not make full term,high risk for still born, even if the child makes full term, life expectancy, would not make teen age years, Massive news…. My wife and I talked it over, and the fact we could feel our baby moving, we choose to go through with the pregnancy, at three days old our first child Jessie, had her first heart operation, another major op at the age of One, and another 8 and a hour op at five years, there is NO give up in our daughter or us, with the love and support, from so many, impacting many life’s so positively, I am very proud of Jessie’s fight for life, she is now 20 years old, studying at University, she is keen to become a nurse, and will end up I’m shore back in Starship Hospital,helping other Heart children.


  • Amber

    Okay, I have a few problems with this article. What is an “unborn person”? I think what you mean to be referring to is a fetus. Or at least this is the correct terminology that should be used in place of a description that is what I’m assuming is supposed to appeal emotionally but is not true and doesn’t make any sense scientifically speaking. Minor point though 🙂

    Also, I’m just going to put it out there that I completely believe that abortion should be a human right. Are you going to tell me that something that is not even fully developed yet, cannot feel pain and essentially is a parasite growing inside me has greater rights than I do????

    Sure babies are a gift and a joy etc, but until I give birth to it and it takes its first breath of air, it is not yet a person. Once you give birth, that’s when things change, that’s when you become a person and that’s when you get human rights.

    This comment probably sounds super selfish. But there are very few people out there that have never been selfish before. Sometimes you just have to put your own needs over others and work towards what you best interests are. And in this kind of situation when that ‘other’ isn’t even born yet, I believe that in regards to my body, I have a right to the choice of what I’m going to do with.

    I’m not saying that the decision to abort should be taken lightly, because it definitely shouldn’t be. And I’m not saying that I agree with the Green’s policy, because I haven’t even read it yet. What I am trying to get across is that it is the mother who needs all the support possible to make a truly informed decision about what she wants to do with her pregnancy. What is in the best interest of the fetus is not always what is the best interest for the women carrying it.

    Chuuuuur, really interesting to read such a diverse range of comments from such different perspectives

  • Paul Harrison

    So here we have it. This party of hypocrites on one hand want to save the planet and feed the children and on the other hand they want to murder innocent defenceless babies simply because they MIGHT have a disability. We all know what a full tern baby looks like but Has anyone out there actually seen a baby at 20 weeks. They are PERFECT in everyway and definitely not an unviable foetus. This is murder on a grand scale and NZ should NEVER support such a move. And for those who argue that it is a woman’s body and for her to choose..IT IS NOT the woman’s body that will be murdered.

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