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Every time I watch this video, I am literally blown away! It is amazing to see how many influential people were adopted and were given the amazing gift of life and an upbringing which their parents would have struggled to give!

However, if you then look at the New Zealand statistics for adoption, you will see that since the mid 1960’s there has been a steady decline in the numbers of adoptions per year.

Now it is under 100 per year. (Stats from here )

With over 17,500 abortions taking place every year in NZ, the trend for abortions looks almost the reverse of that graph.

Adoption might not be the answer to abortion, but it definitely is an option, which people need to be fully informed about.  Something which the Adoption Option Trust is doing a great job about!

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  • hayley

    Its not easy giving up a child in NZ even for those who know its the best for their child and want too! CYF’s have to be involved, these people are not helpful, lets face it, its not like its an easy decision! But these people make it even harder than it needs to be! They don’t let you meet the potential parents, they try to offer your baby to your family without you even having a choice! I personally had to track my babies parents down while I was in labour because my social worker wouldnt let me meet and build a relationship with the mother and father I had chosen! They try make you look after the baby for 12 days after its born so your bond is even stronger and how are you meant to give your baby away after that even though you know its wrong to keep it. Still wondering why abortion vs adoption??

  • julie thompson

    why should pregnant teens and vulnerable women feel responsible for other peoples infertility? It isnt a tranquilizer for tragedy. “All involved in adoption must play a pretend game: pretend that this is your child,
    pretend that these are your parents, pretend that your child is dead. Every
    church institution which uses the authority
    of scripture or the coercion of
    their ecumenical system to contrive excuses for the practice of removing
    children from perfectly
    good natural parents, blasphemes the
    name of their God. Any church entity which does not do everything in
    its power to keep
    natural children with natural
    parents under the auspice of Godly family, is an abomination according
    to their own scriptures.
    If church institutions cannot see
    the centrality of biologically intact families to the nature of the God
    of the Bible, then
    they should close their doors and go
    into something more honest like real estate or used car sales. infertility is a tragedy – but it also an immense opportunity. Not for adoption, but for service,
    which surely must be the bedrock of all morality”.

  • Jules

    It breaks my heart to hear of those who have been hurt by adoption and also of the bad stigma surrounding adoption. We are a couple with children, wanting to love another child and do an open adoption to support the child and the birth parents but cannot as NZ is that stuffed up that we abort thousands and adoption a handful. What’s with this? Children, no matter what stage, and what development count, they all are precious. What is wrong with us, and what is wrong with CYF’s. They are supposed to support the children. CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILY…….. and yet they seem to only really care about numbers and only really think of the adults, not the children…. so sad

  • Steve

    Over the last 14 years my wife and I tried multiple times to become involved in foster care and adoption through CYF. While we came across some awesome folk in the organisation (Sorry, we were corrected – “Government Department”) we found the further through the process we went, the harder it became. The first two times we made enquiries, there was apparently only one social worker in the country who handled adoption, and no one else was authorised to give out information – they couldn’t even tell us when and where CYF’s own courses were supposed to be run, and our messages were never replied to. Once we did get on to the courses (which were pretty good, except for the underlying CYF viewpoint that foster and adoptive parents are an inconvenient necessity that the department would prefer to do without), we were referred to the Christchurch office which deals with adoption. Our dealings with that office were unpleasant. We were grilled for personal information about ourselves (expected), our immediate family(understandable) and our extended family (pushing it), and required to give personal details about our extended family to CYF without their permission. As some of them were untrusting of CYF’s motives for that information, we asked CYF why they wanted it and got the response “Because!” During this time folk in CYF blatantly broke our confidentiality while telling us the only reason people wouldn’t happily give CYF all the personal information they wanted (without giving reasons) was if they had something to hide. In the end, because CYF refused to answer any of our questions, broke our confidentiality and appeared to be doing their utmost to block our attempts to adopt, we pulled out of the process. CYF’s mantra is “It’s what is best for the child.” It should be “It’s what is best for the statistics.” Our perception of adoption in New Zealand is that it is actually run by the Department of Statistics = that is, if there are few adoptions in New Zealand, it is because there is little need for adoption in New Zealand, therefore New Zealand is awesome!

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