India’s feminists and population control-pushing government are “stumped” by the dramatic drop of female births among the wealthier classes due to sex-selective abortions, reports the Globe and Mail’s Indian correspondent Stephanie Nolen.

Due to a ‘son preference’ in Indian culture, the use of new technologies to detect and abort baby girls has become widespread.

Technically it has been illegal in India to tell couples the sex of their unborn child or to abort based on sex since 1994.  This law, however, is rarely enforced.  Consequently, sex-selective abortion practices are rampant and the ratio of girls to boys is continuing to fall.  India’s 2001 census revealed that there were only 927 girls aged 0-6 per 1,000 boys, a marked drop from the 1991 census, which found 945 per 1000.  This means that in that decade there were 35 million fewer females registered in the country than males, according to Canada’s International Development Research Centre.

The statistics in certain areas are shocking.  The IDRC revealed last year that the wealthier urban families of the Indian Punjab have merely 300 girls for every 1,000 boys.  In South Delhi, the ratio is 832:1000, and in the state of Haryana it’s 822:1000.

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Women who have abortions could be posing a risk to future children, according to research published today.

A Canadian medical study found that those who abort a pregnancy could run the risk of giving birth to premature of low-weight children in subsequent pregnancies.

It discovered that women who had undergone more than one abortion had a 72 per cent increased risk for low birth weight and 93 per cent risk of prematurity.

It also found that women who had an abortion in the first or second trimester had a 35 per cent increased risk of giving birth to a low-weight birth baby and a 36 per cent increased risk of having a premature baby.

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Having my rapist’s baby is the best thing I ever did

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Coming from such a Christian family, I’ve never believed in abortion, but suddenly finding myself pregnant with a rapist’s baby, I looked at it differently.

I just couldn’t face the thought of the baby being born and looking like Rob – it would be a constant reminder of what had happened. I didn’t have long to decide what to do – 24 weeks is the latest you can have an abortion.

Laurel was incredibly supportive and put no pressure on me to have a termination, but despite everyone’s assurances I just couldn’t stop feeling that I had an alien growing inside me.

After seeking counselling, I decided to go ahead with the termination. I thought: ‘If I don’t have this baby inside me, all my problems will be over and I can move on with my life.’

I arrived at the clinic a week later, still struggling with my decision because it went against everything I’d been brought up to believe in. I told myself that what had happened to me wasn’t my fault.

As I walked down the corridor in a hospital gown to the operating theatre, I asked myself over and over: ‘Am I doing the right thing?’

Suddenly, I was overcome by a rush of love for the child inside me. I didn’t understand why, but in that moment what had felt like an alien suddenly felt like a child.

I realised I couldn’t go through with the termination. I collapsed in tears and a nurse took me into a waiting room and said I should take a few minutes to make my final decision.

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A young British mother has criticized medical guidelines that, she said, resulted in doctors refusing treatment and leaving her newborn premature son to die. 23 year-old Sarah Capewell told media that her son Jayden, born at 21 weeks and five days gestation, was refused intensive care because he was two days under the limit set by Nuffield Council on Bioethics, a UK bioethics think tank that creates guidelines for medical practice.

Capewell said that her son Jayden cried and lived for two hours before dying in her arms. During that time, his mother took photos of him and pleaded with doctors that he be admitted to the special baby unit at James Paget University Hospital (JPH). Staff at the hospital, in Gorleston, Norfolk, told her that had Jayden been born two days later they would have helped him.

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An elderly pro-life activist was shot multiple times and killed this morning in front of Owosso High School in Michigan while he was peacefully protesting abortion with a sign depicting a baby and the word “Life,” according to local police cited in the Flint Journal newspaper.

Locals say that the victim, James Pouillon of Owosso, was well-known in the area for his pro-life activities.  Columnist Doug Powers wrote on his blog that Pouillon, called “the abortion sign guy” by Owosso locals, was known for standing on street corners holding up signs with pictures of aborted children.

Pastor Matt Trehella of Missionaries to the Preborn said today that Pouillon had joined his organization for a few stops of a pro-life tour less than a month ago. “Jim was a selfless, soft-spoken, kind-hearted man.  All who knew him, knew this,” he said. “Please pray for Jim’s family.”

Trehella said that Pouillon was an elderly man who needed constant use of an oxygen machine.

33-year-old Harland James Drake has been charged with the first-degree premeditated murder of pro-life Jim Pouillon.

Prosecutors said Drake told them he targeted Pouillon because of his pro-life activities.

“There was some displeasure with how open he was,” said Sara Edwards, Shiawassee County chief assistant prosecutor Sara Edwards, according to a New York Times report.  “He tended to carry big signs with very graphic pictures of fetuses.”

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Help the Adoption Option just by voting online

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The Adoption Option Trust may receive a donation of up to $15,000 from Sovereign Sunshine if you back their cause.

Funds will be used for the distribution of resources and the development of our website to make it even more helpful for young women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

It only takes a moment to register and your vote will make a difference to them.

Please go to to register and vote

The Adoption Option Trust is run by volunteers; there are no salary or premises costs. They receive no Government funding.  All funds received are used  to distribute DVDs explaining adoption and to develop their website aimed at pregnant young women looking at their options.

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The true horror of late term abortions in Australia

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Cross posted from the Herald Sun

A GROWING number of induced babies are born alive following failed late-term abortions.

New Queensland Health figures show 19 babies were aborted at 20 weeks or more in 2007, but rather than dying at birth as intended, the newborns were able to breathe unaided.

The babies, some as advanced as 26 weeks, were aborted using drugs to induce labour. Once born, no medical help was offered and they died soon afterwards.

Former Queensland Health obstetrician Dr Caroline de Costa, now a professor at James Cook University in Cairns, said it was extremely distressing for parents and medical staff when terminations went wrong .

“If babies are born alive after this they are likely to die within a few minutes, although it can take up to half an hour,” she said.
“We can only keep them wrapped up warm. It is up to the parents whether they want to see the child.”

The figures - obtained under the Freedom of Information Act - reveal one in four abortions performed at 20 weeks and more went wrong in 2007, up 20 per cent on 2003.

The number of abortions carried out at 20 weeks and more is also increasing, up from 27 in 2003 to 75 in 2007. Medicare funds terminations up to 26 weeks.

In the same five-year period, there were 55 babies born alive after a termination procedure and not given medical treatment.

Ninety per cent of the 2007 terminations were due to congenital abnormalities.

Some were life-threatening, but they also included cleft palates and club feet.

Caviezel Pro Life Convictions Worth Risking Career For: "The Passion" Actor Jim CaviezelJim Caviezel, the actor who took the film world by surprise with his moving depiction of Christ in 2004, said this week that abortion has nothing to do with helping women and that he is willing to risk his career to say so.

Caviezel gave an interview with the US magazine Catholic Digest, in which he spoke about the challenge he received from a colleague to adopt a disabled child as a demonstration of his well-publicized pro-life stand. Earlier this year Caviezel adopted his second child – a five-year-old girl with a brain tumour from the Guangzhou region of China.

Reflecting on the 51.5 million surgical abortions to date in the US since Roe v. Wade, Caviezel began by saying, “I was listening to Johnny Mathis the other day and I said, ‘What an amazing voice’. I have yet to hear another person sound like Johnny Mathis.

“Look, I am for helping women. I just don’t see abortion as helping women. And I don’t love my career that much to say, ‘I’m going to remain silent on this’. I’m defending every single baby who has never been born. And every voice that would have been unique like Johnny Mathis’s. How do we know that we didn’t kill the very child who could have created a particular type of medicine that saves other lives?”

Caviezel told interviewer Julie L. Rattey that the Christian is obliged to act in accordance with his faith, regardless of the risks. He compared the injustice of abortion to that of the mistreatment of women in some Arab countries.

Caviezel’s latest film, “The Stoning of Soraya M,” released in June this year, is based on a novel that purports to tell the true story of a woman stoned to death on a trumped up charge of adultery in modern Iran. The novel’s author, the late journalist Fereydoune Sahebjam, was dedicated to exposing injustices in Iran under the Islamic regime.

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