ObamaClinton Obama Selecting the Most Anti Life, Anti Family Radicals He Can Find for Administration

“In light of further actual and rumored appointments, Obama’s future presidential administration is steadily emerging as a regime ominously packed with Obama insiders who promise to help roll out the carpet for the President-elect’s radical anti-life and anti-family agenda.”

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Life and the US elections

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“While the economic crisis and war in Iraq were top priorities for voters in November’s elections, there is nothing to indicate that Americans are less pro-life than before, says a legal expert for Americans United for Life.




The Greens really know how to do hypocrisy

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I’m not the only one who sees the complete and utter irony of this photo, it seems that even David Faraar, who is pro-abortion, sees the complete hypocrisy of this stunt.

ironic The Greens really know how to do hypocrisy


As you are probably well aware by now, New Zealand now has a new government led by John Key and the National Party.

So what does this mean for the pro-life cause here in New Zealand?

Well it’s a little too early to say for sure, but there are some glimmers of hope in the fact that National has some pro-life MPs in senior positions within the party, including their new deputy prime minister.

But whether any of this will result in a reversal of the last nine years of anti-life  policy is just too hard to call, as no commitment to such issues has been made, or even hinted at, by John Key or the National party.

This may indicate that we will have a Prime Minister who is more open to listening to the New Zealand people over the next three years, and if this is the case then it will be a massive difference from what we have experienced over the last nine years.

Either way though, the change of government has most certainly put the brakes on many aspects of the anti-life agenda that the Labour government was working hard to accomplish in New Zealand – how long the brakes stay on that agenda though is not certain at this stage.

There are still some areas of concern though.

One positive aspect of the New Zealand First party’s failure to get the 5% of the vote needed to get back into parliament is that their private members bill promoting euthanasia will not be back in the ballot at this stage, but this is still an issue we need to be aware of and someone else could easily take over sponsoring the same, or a similar, pro-euthanasia bill.

We will do our best to keep you abreast of any developments in this regard.

Over the coming days and weeks we will continue to provide you with all the important information you need to know about how the pro-life  cause will be impacted by the result of last night’s election – including information on various MPs that are now in parliament.