“An effort is also underway by pro-abortion advocates, led by International Planned Parenthood, to have the United Nations declare access to abortion a universal human right.

Healthcare professionals who, despite such coercion, follow their conscience risk a variety of legal threats. Their conduct can be found to constitute discrimination under human rights codes, or professional misconduct when it would result in disciplinary proceedings and penalties ranging from reprimands to fines and loss of a license to practice medicine or to practice as a nurse.

Needless to say, this state of affairs has caused deep concern for many healthcare professionals. What has led to this situation and what might be its wider consequences? To respond to that question and deal with this situation, I believe we need to understand two new realities, a political reality and a medical reality.”

Full article here.


British researchers have developed a revolutionary test that will let prospective parents screen embryos for almost any known genetic disease.

Developed at the Bridge Centre in London, the test can check for mutations that cause serious disorders such as cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease.

It can also screen for multiple genetic variations, so that scientists could screen for combinations that together confer higher risks of diabetes, heart disease or cancer.

The test will also reveal an embryo’s future susceptibility to a host of medical conditions.

For example, parents could be told about their embryo’s future risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease or breast cancer.

“It makes genetic screening very much more straightforward.”

Technically, it would be possible to use the test to select an embryo with a particular eye colour or to screen for multiple genes known to affect height or weight.

Full article here


A NZ media outlet is running the following story

“While Hospice New Zealand hosts a national palliative care conference next week, Palmerston North voluntary euthanasia advocate Lesley Martin will be in France promoting an international approach to making it legal to help someone to die.

A guest speaker at the World Federation of Right to Die Societies, the woman convicted in 2004 of attempting to kill her terminally ill mother in Wanganui in 1999 will talk about Dignity New Zealand’s plans for Dignity Havens, and the need for law changes to make mercy killing legitimate.”

Several years ago, after Lesley Martin broke ties with Philip Nitschke, Family Life International predicted that Lesley Martin would try and promote her brand of euthanasia as being a soft, safe middle ground that was not as extreme as that of the Australia’s Dr. Death and others.

Sure enough, this is exactly what this media story says she is trying to do…

“she expects the conference to be contentious and challenging as the divide between those who want to make euthanasia lawful go head-to-head with those like Philip Nitschke’s Exit International who promote ways to die without legal sanction.

She is proposing the world body set up a working group to help define the ethics of assisting someone who wishes to die, and how to make that action safe and accountable within the law. And she believes Dignity New Zealand will be able to take a lead in the debate.”

What is really scary is the following section of the story…

“Currently talking with a rest home she won’t name, Ms Martin is working towards the concept of setting up dedicated Dignity Haven beds, which would be resourced and ready if and when enabling legislation is passed.”

The story also states…

“Dignity is also setting up working groups among clergy and nurses and other professionals to talk about legitimate voluntary euthanasia, and has taken the first steps to set up dialogue with Maori groups.”

Finally, she shows just how confused and enamoured with death she has become when she states…

“She sees quality palliative care, as championed by the hospice movement, as a vital ingredient of the Dignity Haven philosophy, the difference being Dignity patients could have a plan in place to hasten their death.”

Someone needs to tell her that killing a person is NOT the same as giving them dignified care in their final days.


Surprise, surprise, the NZ Green Party has a population control policy that they would like to see implemented in NZ, which includes things like:

“New Zealand’s population is currently 4.1 million. Global population pressure has caused environmental degradation, species loss and man-made global warming. Our country is part of the global problem. Excessive levels of consumption and global population numbers must be drastically reduced. Due to an inability to sequester all the greenhouse gases produced, the New Zealand population is not currently living within its ecological limitations.”


“- A self-sustaining population cannot be increased beyond the carrying capacity of useable land available.
- The population cannot be increased beyond its capacity to offset its greenhouse gas emissions.
- The population must not be increased beyond the capacity of the local environment to provide essential ecosystem services such as clean water, air and soil.”

So how do the Greens plan to deal with the excess humans in NZ?

“The Green Party will: Ensure that potential and existing parents have full and free access to countrywide Family Planning services so that informed decisions about the number and spacing of children can be made at the appropriate level, by the parents concerned. (See Health and Women’s Policies)”


“Support initiatives to raise awareness amongst parents and potential parents regarding the issue of sustainable global population levels.”

One of their other key policy planks is this one:

“Improve access to family planning and sexual health services to all women in New Zealand…”

It actually appears several times in their policy pages.

And then there is this one under their Women’s Policy section of the website:

“The Green Party will: Review abortion services to ensure equity of access for women throughout New Zealand.”

So it seems that the Greens billboard campaign featuring a picture of young children, and the message “vote for us”, on it, is actually a load of hollow markerting rhetoric. I also find it laughable that the Greens want to increase access to family planning clinics (and also to IVF), when these are the very same clinics that promote dangerous chemical contraceptives which present serious health risks to women, and cause harm to the environment!

Sure, the Greens may currently be promoting the message that that they do not support a forced population control program in NZ, but make no mistake about it; their policies do actually lend themselves to such a practice, and they are step one in the process of forced population control measures.


“The Upper House of the Australian state of Victoria voted Thursday night 23 to 17 to remove legal restrictions on abortion. The bill, which passed without amendments, decriminalises abortions up to 24 weeks gestation and has been the subject of acrimonious debate in the Victoria legislature.

Under the new law, babies in Victoria may be aborted at will up to 24 weeks gestation after which a mother will need the consent of two doctors. Premier John Brumby said that the law was one that “many women in our state find offensive”.

“We cast the law so that it wasn’t changing current practice; so that it did reflect current clinical practice. But what it does is takes out of the Criminal Code that particular procedure,” he said.

Amendments that would have allowed doctors who object to abortions to exercise their conscience rights were rejected. Pro-life advocates spoke of their disappointment at the bill’s passage. Pro-Life Victoria president Denise Cameron said the fight to stop abortion will not stop.”

Full story here.